Space Shooter 2 – Enemy Collisions

How to build a fast paced space shooter based on the classic arcade game Asteroids, but with Lemons! In this second part of this Scratch tutorial we cover enemy Lemon spawning and movement, and delve into the slightly complex world of clone to clone collisions. We also look at making the lemons split into pieces when destroyed. That leaves us with the exciting explosion flashes, screen shake and more for part 3!

Wondering why Lemons? Well, Lemons were the first fruit to have achieved interstellar capability and are thus attempting to take over the universe. To tackle such a scenario we obviously need to fight back with rapid fire lemon busting lasers!

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————–Video Chapters————–
0:00 Intro
00:43 Game Music & Sounds
02:34 Drawing a Lemon
03:57 Coding a Lemon
08:47 Wrap around lemons
11:20 Spinning Lemons
14:29 Lemon Laser Laser Lemon
16:55 Touching Race Conditions
19:29 Splitting the Lemon
22:18 Fix Collisions II
23:49 Episode 3
24:14 Members Projects
25:23 Outro


  1. @griffpatch im typing this in the year 2023 not 2022 but i can't hear the music for some reason!

  2. lemons dont spawn up or down only on x axis help

  3. yo griff, can you created minecarft game, please

  4. my collisions where fixed with a wait instead of 0 it waas 0.00001

  5. i just used the sprite and laser code from griffpatch and now I'm working on a different game with those codes altogether

  6. I have a problem with the lemons spawning in the center of the backdrop, also if I shoot the lemons at full fire rate the game going like 1000000% faster.

  7. world cup(;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)morocco says:

    my melon keeps going in the middle and spinning

  8. bro i have one question. where do we get all audio

  9. Thank you so much! I wanted to create a space shooter for a long time! You helped me so much! Tho instead of a lemon i created four different costumes, Made a new variable called COS, Set COS to pick random 1 to 4, And at the start of when i start as a clone, Set costume to COS, This will give a variety of enemies! And if i want more, I can just create more costumes and the change the range in pick random to 1 to –, Please tell me if it is good or not in your opinion!

  10. Man, u can just make this:
    If touching lemon
    Broad "name"
    Erase clone
    When I recive "name"
    Erase clone

  11. Man, u can just make this:
    If touching lemon
    Broadcast "name"
    Erase clone
    When I recive "name'"
    Erase clone

  12. for the wrap around im having trouble cause when i put the block the lemons dont come in game.

  13. At 12:36 I like using those blocks so no, it's not the part I don't like

  14. GRIFFPATCH,when i start the game the lemons dont come . why?

  15. I made watermelons instead and made them become slices when shot

  16. Griffpatch I have just found a glitch when you stand near a edge you are not able to shoot I think it is because it detects touching the edge

  17. Apparently, when i folllowed the script of the lemons moving, i found clone spawning in a VERY tight circle that the player cant get out of. What is that about?

  18. So I found out that when setting the Lemon costume to big, I also have to set the size to 100%, otherwise the smallest Lemons don't wrap around and I excede the clone limit, because they are stuck off screen.

  19. Add a clone variable and then every time you make a clone change it by 1 then it will tell you how much clones then repeat and create clone block and then put clone * 2 block on repeat number

  20. use start sound and wait block in the laser sprite

  21. I rlly wish i could but i cant pay for membership sryy

  22. The lemonoids is very fast in me how to repair

  23. its not working :((((((((((((((( the define enemy hit dosent work

  24. The Lemons In Space is still in construction.

  25. I was trying splitting the lemon, followed it exactly, even double-checked my work, but it doesn't work?

  26. thank you for this video…
    but I do have one problem in the part of sizing the lemon . because when I finished the code
    the lemon was hiding in one shoot

  27. 21:59 im getting 6 clones after shooting the lemons and all go in the same direction . yes they split but they do not go away from each other. Any solutions??

  28. there is a bug if you wall into the edge of the screen you cant shoot

  29. the music sounds like a terraria boss fight

  30. I have a question : The sound Laser_Shoot16 is you make by yourself or you get form some were?

  31. For all those asking – Part 3 is in production right now and I'm hoping to get it ready for this Monday 19th

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