Slay the Spire December 6th Daily – Watcher | Great, once I’m strong all the Elites run away…

Hi All! This is my attempt at the November 6th Daily with the Watcher. The run starts at 3:09.
The modifiers for this daily are:

1. Cursed Run: Whenever you defeat a Boss, become Cursed. Your starting relic is replaced with Cursed Key, Darkstone Periapt, and Du-Vu Doll.
2. Flight: You may ignore paths when choosing the next room to travel to.
3. Deadly Events: ? can now contain Elites but are also more likely to contain Treasure rooms.

My final score was 1659, which was pretty good, but required a few reloads. I perfected 9/13 possible Elites and 3/3 of the bosses.

Slay the Spire is a game created and developed by Mega Crit Games. An Early Access version was released in November 2017, and was updated almost weekly until the full release on January 23, 2019. Version 2.0 was released on January 14, 2020, which included many added relics, potions, and most importantly, the fourth character.

“We fused card games and roguelikes together to make the best single player deckbuilder we could. Craft a unique deck, encounter bizarre creatures, discover relics of immense power, and Slay the Spire!” – Steam Store Page ()

00:00 Intro
03:09 Act I
17:33 Act II
24:21 Act III
33:48 Recap

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  1. 1709. Really fun run, i forgot how broken cursed run is after i went for some ridiculous collector bonuses and also pauper and had absolutely no trouble through the rest of the game. Some bosses required a couple of reloads, but that was just because i got my ordering wrong to kill on turn 2. I had a lot of fun with the bag of marbles and a mind blast, just one shotting almost anything in act 3, as well as the boot finally seeing some value against a nemesis fight. Interestingly i never saw the necronomicon that you did, though maybe it's because i took some elite fights and shops over events. Took sacred bark at act 2, and the doubled duplication potion was the single thing that carried me through the awakened one fight. Still didn't perfect hexaghost though, pantograph actively hurt my chances by healing me and making the first attack a 6×6. Maybe one day i'll learn to play around hexaghost better…Modifiers: Light Speed, I Like Shiny, Money Money (1429), Mystery Machine (18), Collector (3), Pauper, Encyclopedian, Stuffed, Curses!, Champion (12), Perfect (2), OverkillTime: 27:00 (though with reloads this is probably a lot longer, i still would have gotten below 45 minutes i'm pretty sure)shoutout to peace pipe for being there as emotional support

  2. I tried to mix it up, took exactly 15 ? rooms and probably some less than perfect cards. Pauper and better collector bonuses were probably possible. I, however, got two collectors, and only 1608. Hexaghost, ruining "beyond perfect" bonuses since he first died. Ugh, that Necronomicon would have been so good for my score.

  3. I did see a collector bonus for Alpha but the deck was far too aggressive and nearly all of them were pre-upgraded thanks to Toxic Egg, it would not have been worth it. The only way I could see this path being optimized is through Foreign Influence RNG shenanigans, 2 collector bonuses is fine considering how difficult it would have been to keep to Highlander.

  4. still learning how to properly perfect all bosses, but I was able to get a score of 1564 getting highlander and pauper. going for both probably is what costed me the perfects

  5. To give you an example of what I meant two days ago. 14:14, unless I'm missing something, the right order would've been strike while in wrath, then the calm and defend. It didn't come back to haunt you so you didn't notice. Another example 16:25, instead of spirit shield you could've played third eye, you would've been fully defended, cure your draw, wheel kick and then played an extra attack. Lately I think you do more of these small mistakes than usual… another possibility is that I'm getting better, which would be funny because I don't play anymore hahaha

  6. 1663 – So at first I didn't really know what to go for, but after getting that peace pipe I decided for highlander, and then omamori basically ensured it since I can just skip a chest and had enough relics for I like shiny anyway, all my curses were unique & I got to 50 cards, sadly I had a less easier time because my event did not give me necronomicon this time, but my bottled wallop still helped me a lot with bag of marbles & ways to enter wrath so I'm pretty sure my perfected things were similar to yours, except I was unable to perfect the hexaghost by being 1 block short, so that's another 100 points I could've gotten. One thing I didn't know that you pointed out is the decay ruining your perfects, because I once had a daily where I thought I perfected everything but it showed that I didn't and made me confused, now I'll be more careful with that curse.

  7. Nice score today! My run had drastically different RNG than yours, even though I went for a similar "kill everything with big ragnarok" strategy, I never found the necronomicon to solidify the deck and be able to focus solely on collector bonuses. I ended up taking snecko eye after act 2, but got a score of only 1474 since mistakenly picking up the pantograph in act 1 caused me to fail perfecting Hexaghost.

    Always excited to watch your daily climbs and compare our strategies 🙂

  8. I didn't get a single duplicate curse. I feel that if I went for highlander instead I would have probably gotten a dupe curse cause the game is like that. 3 collector bonues and 10 champions other wise

  9. Definitely could've made it to highlander today, made a lot of mistakes. I removed the regret thinking I might die, but if I didn't and then kept the omamori I could've guaranteed 5 unique curses. 1784 was definitely possible. Also I took 2 shops in act 3, forgetting that I already spent my gold on the first shop, that was silly. Act 1 I was forced to skip over an elite and rest due to aggroing too hard and losing HP too quickly after seeing hexaghost.

  10. 1609 – 10/13 ELites – beyond perfect! lost highlander with a parasite from the last boss – should have skipped the last chest to preserve my Omamori. 1709 if I'd played smarter with that – lesson learned. Necronomicon would have been fun – but got redmask gang instead. took snecko from second boss – bought more shop relics than usual – Akabeko – which was great for tantrum and ragnarok, tool box and bag of prep from shops gave me 10 cards turn 1. also took prismatic shard in the last shop for fun. got an acrobatics and body slam that helped a lot on the awakened one fight. I also got a ? shop in act 3, for 3 shops, and plenty of gold from "donning the red mask" event.

  11. wanna try to play Slay the Spire! never played games like that before and recently found it on Boosteroid(my friends told me about this cloud gaming platform). maybe you can do some tests of this game on it? my wooden computer doesn`t allow me to play games newer than 2010 and i wanna try Boosteroid :(( I would appreciate it if you make a video review or just share your opinion about this!

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