Short Life Unblocked πŸ”ž Fatality πŸ”ž Avoid get Killing for Android and IOS by gameTORNADO – Miniclip

Short Life Unblocked: It’s human nature, many of us love to tickle our brains with entertaining games. What’s more, there are a huge variety of games available for selection – some hitting the heights of a β€˜blockbuster’ with others dropping to levels of great disappointment. Certainly, a great game isn’t easy to create and it must explore all elements and areas. Thus, here we review Short Life, a newcomer into the browser-game arena. Let’s begin.

Firstly, and importantly, Short Life will keep you busy because there are dozens of games to choose from, hence you will never get bored. It is a platform game that comes with a lot of unique twists, and all you have to do is to control and guide the main character who is also the hero of the game, through several dangerous moves across different levels. This brief explanation may seem conventional but in Short Life, you must guide the hero into safety without causing any harm or break any of his body parts.

This game comes with 16 fun levels, each level comes with unique challenges. The game itself is a bizarre but funny where the character keeps running and jumping from one level to the other just to avoid being injured. Regardless of your goal in this game, you must just avoid death and that is why it is called Short Life. Your aim here is to get to the end of each level without getting killed, and that means you have to survive lots of spikes, saws, bombs and lots of many other traps and bombs.

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