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Shooting HACK Works INSTANTLY🔥

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  1. Or aim for the corners of the rectangle, if your a post.

  2. This isn’t true Steph aims for the back of the rim he said it multiple times in interviews

  3. The waffle house has found its new host

  4. How to make every shot:

    “Just make every shot.” – Pops 👴🏻

  5. Guess what, the rim in which i play doesnt have a net 🤓

  6. Crazy person observation but I noticed my shots that are more on a rope or line drive will go in if the top 3rd of the ball hits the horizontal roof of the rectangle & my shots that arc higher than the top of the backboard (where i can see sky between the ball & the backboard) will go in if the bottom 3rd of the ball hits the roof of the rectangle. Velocity matters greatly & so does advantageous angle selection obviously but as a general rule within my mechanics I noticed this recently. Wish i paid better attention in geometry class, what else is the rectangle telling me ?


  8. You can also aim the square thingy (idl what it is bc i dont play basketball, i just love watching it)

  9. Bruh, you just said to not aim for the rim but to aim in front of the rim like what kinda sense?

  10. Hit the backboard. I'm 13 and talking like a old head but it works charms.

  11. Aim small.. miss small.. Thank you Mel Gibson.

  12. Bro user his whole life trying to hit that no look three

  13. Tell me pls how im i supost to aim where the rim hooks up i dont get it

  14. Really?Really?…I must watch The basket once again from the new 6ft perspective…

  15. It’s true Steph curry put it in his master class

  16. If you have trouble with simple maths, aim for some quantum physics instead. That way, you're aiming for a small target, and if you miss it, you'll still get your simple maths correct, or something.

  17. damn i thought only i do this cuz im the best shooter in practice cuz of it

  18. I just try to hit the middle of the red square and always get it

  19. I know you prolly don't care
    But I learnt how to shoot (I got 8/10 shots) after like a week! I was really bad at it before but now I'm way better 😀

  20. the truth is you can snipe with any target inside the rim

  21. Don’t aim guess that’s why my shots are lucky 🤣

  22. Or in the inner rectangle in the backboard

  23. You are supposed to aim it at the Square

  24. Yo jesser saw this jesser if you see this I am a fan the little clap master

  25. People often at the hoop this is not baseball you want to the ball to go down hoop so shoot up so it falls down through the hoop. It's helped me tremendously

  26. Yeah the problem is what does aiming means how do i aim like i just tryna push the ball to that spot??

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