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Ready to feel the action deep with your army?

Are you ready to go into battle and take out the enemy? Become the soldier of the century in this non-stop, mind-blowing action game. March into battle and wage war with a variety of weapons. Drive tanks, sniper rifles, and even call in an airstrike, but you’ll need to think strategically, and take out the bad guys before they get their chance to take you out!

Iron March tosses you right into the action. Test your aim on the front lines and take out the enemy positions. Follow the battle map and then take the fight back to your enemies capitol to finish the war for the good guys!

Game Features:

Non-stop Action
Shoot down helicopters, bombers, and take out the bad guys. Iron March lets you fight the battle your way with each level

Brain-Teasing Strategy:
Plan your attack to take out the enemy in time. Each new level poses new challenges that you will need to conquer

Test Your Aim:
Test your hand eye coordination as you aim and fire all kinds of weapons. Each new level poses new challenges and your quick thinking skills will be rewarded.

Take a load off:
Immerse yourself in the role of the next great action hero! Is life getting a little crazy? Escape for a little in your own action story!

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