Shell Shockers Unblocked Game Walkthrough & Shooting Games

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Immersing yourself in the multiplayer online action Shell shockers io, you will realize that the eggs are not really as fragile as it might seem. Become one of them to fulfill the main game task to destroy as many enemies as possible. As an egg soldier, choose a shotgun, sniper or automatic. The game “Shell Shockers.Io” is a tireless 3D shooter in which players can play the role of fighting eggs, which looks slightly unoriginal if you compare this masterpiece with other shooters of the three-dimensional type. The developers have pushed here several modes – for himself and the team slaughter. The hero in the shell really looks like a chicken egg, which is slightly amusing when you see him as a warrior. The servers are constantly undergoing dynamic battles and getting into the table of cool peppers is not easy when you’re new.

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