1. Well thts dumb wats the point of this video

  2. He should of just left it alone lol fuck these hoes and keep it pushing he took to damn long 4 months ??? These some insta hoes 🤣🤣🤷🏻‍♂️

  3. Why do you have a channel and not giving all the info..

  4. Why give her the plat to expose ja than say u can’t say what ja exposed her for

  5. Women always trying get there 15 minutes of fame

  6. Something weird about is ja Morant bisexual p*** gay

  7. Ja Morant got sugar in his tank😂😂😂 it's true

  8. lmao is it even real. Calling him ja morant and shit lol

  9. white chick calling black men nigga. where they do that at and y u got no backbone trying to interview her. only goofy black men allow this

  10. Yo! Ja.. not only can you do 1000 times better than the Instagram chicks you’ve been messed with,, but you should do better
    I don’t know how you find them with your wife come on bro don’t make yourself look desperate again you could do a whole lot better Ja.

  11. She exposed herself sandy a Toxic Lil thot who belong to the streets.. Word of advice to all Men stay away from Toxic women especially them so called sexy beautiful ones clear WARNING

  12. This is some sh– a female would report on , this Cat is a Fruitcake !!!

  13. Young NBA Players need to leave these IG Frankensteins. They are phony and for the streets.

  14. She just letting him know she's not wit the games but you see his dumb ass kept trying to explain

  15. She call herself exposing him. Whole time she the one being a weirdo.

  16. She was playing wittat man anyway

  17. Why she do this bro niggaz cant even shoot they shot?

  18. This chick Cinny however, you spell her name is hostile, Messy, Mouthy and has very little discretion ( Getto ish). She is fired

  19. These IG thots are sumthin else. Ja needs to elevate his company.

  20. Why you ain’t say what he exposed her on if she so called exposing him.

  21. caption wild..y’all really be reaching to bring a man down..only thing she exposed was herself!! she thought she was fenna blow over thoses messages lol

  22. She the type that got got good 🐱 but crazy asf 😂💀

  23. She didn’t expose anything, Ja is young , rich, and “SINGLE” he can talk to whoever he wants to. If liking another chicks picks hurts her feelings than she’s not built for that life. She actually sounds childish

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