1. Naw I think shorty might was mad about him lying about unlike her pictures and he be in other girls dms but why she so upset they not dating

  2. Why how many women got yb baby yb is toxic you get but you all don't go behind close doors he beat the crap out of her you all must be young

  3. Big JT Bornfly Let’s Talk About It says:

    Ja Morant clearly dodged a bullet. With this chick

  4. She sound like a chicken head if you know you know😂😂😂😂😂 If you not going to tell the whole story keep it to yourself. She look like dude😂😂😂😂😂

  5. This sad af. Crying over liking eachothers IG. People are so lost

  6. love the beat you always use when making videos

  7. this kinda corny though you even making this video.

  8. Yoooo. You need to post the other stuff too… Expose her ass too then! She sounds like she extra and problematic. She's the weirdo who super pressed. They never like it when you make them feel average…

  9. She got issues,she started all this bc of liked pictures……..she’s weird

  10. Ja Morant gotta stop fw these IG smoochies 💯

  11. I’m wit my boy Ja that girl Sammy madd weird word 2 bro 😂😂


  13. he keep him a white girl, he one of them ones 🤭

  14. Wouldn’t say shorty got anger problems. She might have been wrong but she doesn’t like games and lies. Ja should of kept it a buck ‘listen sweetheart I got a lot of people watching me, I don’t want them starting rumours about you…’ something like that.

  15. You even making a video about this in the first place? This shit seem awkward asf

  16. I don’t think you should’ve posted this. This is just sounds like a groupie looking for attention. You shouldn’t have even given this light.

  17. who checks to see if u unlike pics. u pressed lol

  18. This nigga ja stay catchin L's off the court

  19. Shawty prolly more mad dat she can’t brag bout him being I her likes… clout is a hell of a drug fellas 😂

  20. Okay I'm a girl and I have a bf so I really don't care about some likes or if he unfollow me because if we had a problem then why is he still talking to me. Sammy being a b—- right now over some d@# likes. Like girl get a life 😂😂😂

  21. why that thot think she gonna be the only girl ja talking to? she think she was cute like that nahhh lol what abhoe

  22. Bro i saw the messages and that picture from pinterest but idk😭

  23. As a man I wouldn’t even report on this type of Shìt

  24. She really reaching that ain't nothing 😂

  25. She didn't expose anything lo, such females should know there place

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