Season 17 (Intro) – SOUTH PARK

Check out the NEW INTRO to South Park!

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South Park is the Emmy and Peabody-award winning animated series co-created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone about four boys living in one screwed-up Colorado mountain town. Between local and global tragedies, as well as parental and celebrity interference, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny manage to have themselves a time.

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  1. What I really like about South Park is the fact that they never forget about different personalities of the characters, and don't even forget any characters at all.
    If a older character is brought up, that same character has still the same personality as if they were still the same person. And that's what really makes me happy, knowing that the creators don't forget their creations.

  2. Parece algo sobre del chavo del 8 en south park

  3. You know South Park is know to have simple animation but the lighting is epic

  4. หัวใจมหาสมุทร says:

    why kenny talk like he in the heaven

  5. I deadass am late to comment on this beautiful video

  6. It’s old school but I still want old episode clips in intro like Season 16

  7. I love your songs so much ❤❤ i likes soth park ❤😊

  8. This intro really reminds me how gracefully short Trump's presidentcy was.

  9. Sath park Sath park Sath park Sath park Sath park

  10. We retired at 4th Grade… Is time to been 5th Grade

  11. Lyrics

    Going back to Maggie's gonna have ourselves a time!
    Killin' people everyday, killin' em in every way
    Going back to Maggie's gonna leave my woes behind!
    We frickin hijacking bobux stealin' all them trucks
    Going on back to Maggie's gonna see if i can't unwind!
    Meow meow meow meow meow i'm a stupid furry meow meow meow
    Come on back to Maggie's and watch some vids of mine

  12. I LOVET❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  13. This intro is ahead of it's time i thought it was made in 2020 or something

  14. I love soth park so much i love Kenny ❤❤

  15. This intro is officially 10 years old now. Wow

  16. Season 16 and 17 are older than most Fortnite kids

  17. cool intro! cant wait for episode 2 to come out tomorrow.

  18. South park hasn't been good for more than a decade now and this into is terrible

  19. References-

    Kenny’s grave (reads “Sleep well, little child. The lord holds thee now)

    Honey boo boo and her mom

    Bill denkins (the farmer who shot Scott tennormans parents)

    Stans grandpa reading a “who is mysterion” newspaper

    Bradley and his councilor on the the bridge (Cartman sucks)

    I think the people in the background of the bridge scene are the doctors from hells pass hospital?

    Jimbo and Ned in front of the gun shop

    Officer barbrady and Josh from toilet paper

    “They terk er jerbs” guys (I dont feel like looking up their names lol)


    The skeeters bartender

    Al gore

    Tolkien’s parents

    Tweeks parents

    Wendys parents

    Jimmy and Timmy

    Mark zuckerberg

    The sixth graders on their bikes

    The city wok owner

    The city sushi owner


    Kenny’s parents

    Clyde’s parents

    The goth kids

    The mayor and her bodyguards

    Principal Victoria

    Mr. Adler

    Mr. Mackey

    Woodsy owl (from insheeption)

    Christmas critters

    Terrance and Phillip

    Imagination land float

    (There are loads of other characters in this scene but I don’t feel like naming them lol)

    Mr. Garrison in the window

    Lmk if I missed any!

  20. What is Kenny’s actual line? 😮😅

  21. South Park in the seasen 17
    But I love you too baby girl love you too baby girl love you too baby girl love you too yay for the day

  22. I hate everything about south park,sorry if people disagree with me

  23. I wish south park would make an intro where they don't have there hats

  24. Chartman your key is way off just don't sing.

  25. I cant believe this intro was released 10 years ago… i though it was in 2018

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