Scratch Tutorial: Shooter Game

My very own scratch game tutorial! Enjoy! 🙂

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  1. why does my character go upside down when I press the left arrow

  2. instructions unclear, arrested for 25 counts of murderer

  3. Your videos is helping me making my alien game based on aliens 1986

  4. for some reason I feel like all of these comments are botted.

  5. I've been tryng to do this for a while but the code never worked as I wanted but when I tried this it worked perfectly, thank you so much!!

  6. great tutorial super helpful but my sprite did not move right and so i did my movement code that did before for up and down and the bullets or ninja stars or whatever you want to call them stayed where my sprite started when i clicked on the green flag soooooo ya but still good tutorial i would like if someone can tell me why my up and down did not work if yo
    u want want to try to help me here is what went wrong so i did my code the same as his but i could not find where you change the rotation so i went ahead an skiped it and it did not work so its less a program problem and more of i need help finding the rotation thing please help me in the meantime im going to keep trying

  7. I want to play this game does anyone know the link?

  8. It didn’t work I spent the whole day on it

  9. Phenomenal video!

    Quick question, what code would we need to add if we were to make an arrow? That is, when the character shoots to the left, are arrow points to the left, but when we shoot to the right our arrow points to the left while moving right. How do we correct this?

    Keep up the great work! Thank you so much for this great channel!

  10. wait… which scrach is that in the one i use there is nothing that perfestional

  11. do not know if its just my problem but it didn't work for me.
    but I know the video is not fake because I have done one of mcguys tutorials and they work.

  12. What about the enemies? Is it meant to be a multiplayer game?

  13. I am gonna make bullets so it will be h4rd to survive

  14. Thanks man… I was searching for a way for…. making the projectile face the the direction of the… main sprite and this video really helped me…

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    It's an online education platform where you can take your coding skills to the NEXT LEVEL!

    – McGuy

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