A secret NGO investigates the home of an esoteric cult on suspicion that they are more than meets the eye.

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Directed by Stephen Hancock:
Written by Evan Muir
Soundtrack by Evan Muir & AfterInfinity:
VFX By MrKlay:

Additional Kickstarter Backers:
Kyle Humphries
Jen Russell
Sawyer Russell

Legal: Content relating to the SCP Foundation, including the SCP Foundation logo, is licensed under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0 and concepts originate from and its authors. This video, being derived from this content, is hereby also released under Creative Commons Sharealike 3.0.


  1. So I just showed my mum this (disclaimer she is nearly 80 and isn’t really thinking straight after getting over a really bad case of food poisoning that’s knocked her about a bit so much so that I’m still threatening her with calling the ambulance if she didn’t get over it soon, I’m sure she will be ok that why I haven’t called then but she dosnt have to know that😊) and she was like nothings going to happen to them right? 🥺 (Talking about the taskforce) and I’m like …..well 🤫 they will probably be ok 🤥.

    and at one point towards the end she was like, but this isn’t real right and my response was “”😱 I bloody hope not”” I mean can you imagine knowing that even half the stuff in the SCP files was real I mean don’t get me wrong I have seen some bloody odd stuff over my 40odd years stuff that most would say is just your imagination or that you are just making it up (one of the more common ones is hearing someone you know call you from another room even when you know they aren’t in the house, this one happens so often it’s a pain in the butt as Am disabled and I can tell it’s not my mum but as I’m her career and she is critically ill as well as disabled I have to check on her even though I’m like I know that’s not her as it didn’t sound quite right, I’ve even heard myself call me from downstairs and it wasn’t my recorded voice it’s the one I hear in my own head when I talk which just ups the creep factor a bit as you know that can’t be faked) but luckily that odd stuff is the exception to the rule not the norm and none of it is tentacle horror or eyeball spiders😱🤮☠️

  2. 全てが順調に進んだ作戦完了の動画化かとだと良かったのに…

  3. これはSCPにとって歴史に残る名作で、歴史に残るほどの機密違反でもある

  4. "look at me and tell me im not the most valuable member on this team" other guy – fix ur fucking seal dude

  5. Those anomalies just have creative mode 💀💀💀

  6. this film is the best SCP film ever and you should do more of them on scps and stuff keep up the good work man and may you have a good life and channel

  7. This was amazing! I felt scared even though they are armed, which i have never really felt, Amazing!

  8. 카메라 로만 보이는데… 카메라는 뒤에서 이동 뒤에서 보는게.이해불가…

  9. Very well done and playing on the unseen and unknown being the scariest. I'd swear that some of the SCP TAC unit are airsofters, gear and guns, saves on the budget.

  10. 10:09
    Small thing, but
    Second guy in the stack, the one that has to clear the pillar
    it would have made more sense, tactically, if he had short stocked his weapon (brought the stock up and over the back of his shoulder) or went muzzle up instead of muzzling down
    Short stocking would have required less effort and muzzle up would have required he just move his left arm as he lets the stock slip down

  11. 11:59
    That was a plot contrivance, it'd have made more sense for them to find that flash drive on the guys body after searching him instead of just "oh look, a drawer"
    Repeating same mistake

  12. I got told to watch this by my English teacher while I was making a wafflehouse joke scp. Here are my reactions, in order
    1. Nu-7 hell yeah
    2. Polish dude hell yeah
    3. 1-1 did not deserve to die
    4. "Look at me and tell me I am not the most valuable member of the team." is hilarious
    5. Hassan just went gone. Man just pulled a "hell nah".
    Conclusion: that shit was weird. Rip 1-1 and 1-4. I thought it might have been one of the ghost scps??? Idk, but still, great film

  13. 23:13
    You'd think he would mention, I dunno, the fact that there are invisible people running around the house?

  14. In the start he asks any questions
    Me: “yea what’s the are rules of engagement?”

  15. The fact that they didnt kill half of the team is really good every death is detailed i love how helios still got treated instead of left behind.

  16. I have watched this several times. It gets better with every watch. We need a feature length film like this, please!

  17. bro this vidoe is sick keep up the work W Evan and his team

  18. It is not real just a good story folks, nothing to see here people…

  19. anybody knows which scp this could be ? definitely a keter that's for sure

  20. I like that someone created a short film for SCP. I feel this genre has a lot of potential. Kudos for everyone working on this.

    However, I have a few suggestions for the film crew. This is not to talk down on anyone's work, I would just like to offer suggestions:

    1. It would be a lot more believable if the actors of the QRF team were all uniformed, if uniforms were unavailable, just black shirts and pants would be enough. Red checkered shirts, jeans and random everyday clothes breaks immersion. (the custom painted gear (I'm guessing for airsoft) is fine)
    2. The info scene was ok, regular clothes in it can add a sense of urgency. It can convey that the SCP Foundation members are among us and were quickly called for this emergency, but they should switch once on the ground.
    3. The scene with the hole could have been handled differently, there is a lot of unnecessary chatter. Also, after checking it the team could have radioed in to command, got the order to continue moving and to close this scene together the team could have stuck some sort of marker in the ground that would make the location of the hole visible to the eyes in the sky. Camera switches to this overhead view, we see a flashing beacon and the team moving on.
    4. The scene with the traversal through the forest feels unnecessary in this current format but could have been recombined with the chatter that they had around the hole. This would make more sense as it would give feeling to the viewer that they are unphased by the mission and are relaxed as this is not their "first rodeo"
    5. The scene with the posters and the burning effigy is ok, however one suggestion would be that instead of the soldier taking a picture with what appears to be his phone. We could have instead switched to some sort of recording gear mounted in their helmets (simulate that POV) and command recording it/documenting. Perhaps an over the shoulder view of someone in HQ looking at this. Since in this format, one soldier pausing and trying to record breaks the flow.
    6. When they enter the clearing, the fact that they are ragtag comes too much into focus. The different outfits, half relaxed posture (on some of the team members) breaks the immersion again away from us believing that this is a professional squad.
    7. When they breach and flashbang at the entry, feels very improvised. The Doors have a glass window, the person on the right side (near the railing) would be in full view of the interior and exposed, also he would be directly blinded by the flashbang.
    8. The team nonchalantly opening the door without checking for some sort of IED/trap on the door feels off
    9. Once the camera switches to the interior it would make more sense for the team to enter both through the main door and the balcony door. This way they wouldn't go one by one and would have more control. (also more effective visually)
    10. The scene when they see the cult leader with a bag over his head. This also feels incredibly off. This is a team supposedly trained to handle anomalies, they should know to expect more. In this situation it would feel more natural that they are encircling him silently, checking every door without shouting at him, they are not the police and this is not just a DUI.
    11. When the camera switches to be in front of the two members shouting/closing in. They passed several doors on the left of the screen. These could be points for enemies to wait in ambush. They should have been cleared, instead of half the team going randomly to the hallway on the right.
    12. After killing him the team relaxes as if they know nobody else is there (they still didn't check those rooms). Kolinsky also casually kneels next to the cult leader even though there is a totally unchecked and dark room on the left of the screen with a completely open door.
    13. He takes the bag over the targets head as if nothing is wrong, he does not check if he is dead, he also does not check for any explosive devices or additional weapons.
    14. After the team climbs down do the basement door, the fact that the number lock/vault door is glued on a hastily painted wooden door is too obvious. The viewer can see the door hinges on the right and there is even a gap with light bleeding in from the other side. This could have all been hidden with some black tape around and maybe some VFX processing afterwards.
    15. It is incredibly weird that there is only plastic film on the walls/floor upstairs, the whole house could be filled with it, also the house is too bright. It could have been a bit darker therefore giving the team a reason to carry Night vision goggles in broad daylight.

    At this point I will attempt to re-write the scenes that happen from 10:40 to 25:50
    1. When the team sees the cult leader and the camera is trailing behind. One team member should guard the hallway to the left (as they do), and then from this view we should see each team member checking the 3 doors one by one while also covering each other.
    2. They should approach the cult leader in silence, gun pointed to his head.
    3. The cult leader should not have the gun in front of him but instead behind his back.
    4. In front of the leader should be the laptop opened so that they only see the back of it (the screen is pointed towards the cult leader)
    5. The camera should now switch behind the cult leaders back and we can (but we don't need to) see the gun that he is holding behind his back
    6. We can also see that there is an old camera recorder placed on the furniture in the right corner pointed towards him and that there is some sort of text on the laptop (his memoires or whatever he was writing). The writing should be in some sort of mailing program and there should be an attachment called play me (that we already see from the flash drive). Simultaneously we would see one member clearing the room to the left.
    7. After the team approaches to see behind the cult leader he would spot the gun, he would then jerk his gun, in turn the cult leader (reacting to the jerking sound) would try to pull the gun from behind his back and would be gunned down in turn.
    8. At this point one of the team members after clearing/checking all the rooms, would approach the body, kick the gun away, check the pulse and while doing so notice the file that says "Play me"
    9. At this point he would radio to the leader for this information (including the info that the cult leader was writing something)
    10. While bagging the body the team leader would order someone to play the file and record it for HQ (again through head mounted visor)
    11. After playing the file it would seem that the file is not pre-recorded but is instead somehow streaming from the old video recorder in the corner, while looking at this video feed, the window behind him would open and the creature would slit the throat of the soldier.
    12. At this point the camera switches again to frontal view of the room (looking at the window) the team visibly panicking, quickly checking their now dead comrade, while checking his pulse, they would notice the weird person/thing on the camera feed on the laptop. As a reaction would start firing and therefore kill it.
    13. The team member notifies the squad about this new info. Someone picks up the video recorder and they inspect the body through it, they realize it's one of the missing person/cult members (they also have a bag over their head (the head stops twitching after they die).
    14. The plastic film that is all over the floor starts moving around, one of the team members realizes what is happening (that there are more of them) and points the camera at the hallway and see the creature. They gun it down, radio in to command and the command bombs the area with gas (to protect the team outside since they can't see them (there is only one video recorder) and the enemy might be all over the place and invisible).
    15. We can now see the team going from room to room clearing again, but this time with the video recorder in front. (they wouldn't use gas bombs as it doesn't make any sense since they already know they can kill it with bullets (gas outside is sort of fine).
    16. While they are clearing the inside of the house, we bounce back to outside, now all foggy from gas, and HQ notices one of the team members is not showing on the overhead scan. They immediately regroup and call for the other teams backup.
    17. We are back inside and the team is now approaching the basement door after re-clearing the house. When they approach the door they can see the code to the lock smeared across it through the newly acquired camera.
    18. They enter the basement and the story from this point can stay mostly unchanged.

  21. 23:00
    I love the little fact that Kolinski looks down first since he's following the body on the camera whereas Cicero only starts to look down after we hear it hit the floor

  22. What happened at last. I didn't understood that. Can someone explain

  23. I really hope they build more off of this like a sequel because this is a master piece


  25. “Look at me and tell me I am not the most valuable member of this team”

  26. So this is saying everything about today filmmaking which one is living just because of popularity of actors or other stuff.
    It is a real masterpiece, but it comes from noname which is making videos about very narrow things like SCP community. It is fascinating that even without millions of subscribers and real money motivation this was created.

  27. When ifirst watched this when it first came oit i loved it and i want more scp shot films like this

  28. Drewski was just the scientists who just got drafted

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