School Lockdown Stories 2 Animated

This is an animation I made from Mr. Nightmare’s Video: ‘3 Creepy True School Lockdown Stories’

You can watch the rest of the stories here:

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  1. you used simon wiliknsons sound
    thats badass

  2. Did anyone notice the do you know the way meme Knuckles

  3. nobody about to talk about my boy do u know da wae in the corner 00:15

  4. Bro if a lockdown happened at my school I would probably put my phone of silent 💀

  5. Mr Buckley sounds like a real life version of Walter white 😂

  6. Imagine he was playing Fortnite mobile and died and when the shooter came in he got so pissed and started beating the shit out of him😂😂😂

  7. And that is why I always make sure my phone's brightness and volume is turned off

  8. Mr buckley looks like a young version of the grandpa from Rugrats

  9. Why did no one notice knuckles in one of the shelves in 0:22

  10. This Is Why You Homeschool Your Kids, Something Really Bad Could Happen Like This

  11. I had a lockdown because it was an indruder in the building

  12. Me in my 5 real lockdowns MINECRAFT . And wtf am I in so many for?..

  13. Funny how this was uploaded a few days before The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Shooting

  14. It was nice of him to visit Mr Buckley in the hospital.

  15. I really enjoy yr work Llama Arts. I appreciate the time & the effort u put into this stories. Please keep at it and also try to do more series style animation. U never kno what major platform (i.e., Hulu, Netflix, shit even Prime: lord knows they can use better and more variety when it comes to animation) might give u a shot. Just imagine what u can do with a bigger budget and a full staff. Keep at it and I wish u nothing but success. ✍️🏼

  16. I had a school lock down and it was actually one of the teachers who was the killer

  17. Ain’t. No way this is real who tf plays a game while there’s a lock down 💀

  18. this dude is a dumbass why tf didint he silence his phone and the mf was playing games

  19. Why’d the guy just take the exit in the basement

  20. 1:51 there's possibly a school shooting and your playing games .-.

  21. Can beat them? Join em pew pew.


  22. What’s the first soundtrack used in the first story? Mr. Nightmare won’t answer me… it sounds like it’s from Arizona Sunshine, but I confirmed it isn’t.

  23. Childhood nostalgia ♥️👌 coming back from school or college watching this💗

  24. Remember when lockdowns were just (in a twisted way) cool stories to listen to from someone and not a daily occurance?

  25. I was so excited to see this story animated.

  26. This is why you don’t just turn your phone off you power the bitch down

  27. ive had an intruder break into my school once in january, i'm in high school also the front door to my school is open during school hours it was't creepy at first because i didn't know what was going on but later it was it's worse in elementry school

  28. If there was a exit, why wouldn’t you just run out the exit?

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