Russ – Pull The Trigger (Official Video)

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Directed by Edgar Esteves

Song produced by Russ

twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess
instagram : @russdiemon @edgaresteves

Special thanks to everyone involved. So many of yall, yall are amazing. Thank you.


  1. 2022 anyone!? also this song makes me crazy fr. this song fr makes me wanna point a gun to my head bro. "keep my head up and and my middle fingers higher" yes. im in love w russ.

  2. someone still listening to this fire song in 2022? well I do :)))

  3. I feel me alone
    Me broke feture idea me song make it you song

  4. I hope everyone who reads this has already told everybody to pull the fucking trigger.

  5. I used this song for my first ever youtube video back in 2015 or 2014

  6. Already went viral they are censoring streams which is wrong because they are paying all the other artist and make up all sorts of excueses and lies around my life they need to pay me

  7. من راقب الناس مات هماً says:

    السلام عليكم مع السلامة.

  8. Yeha mate, maybe I should. Eating tim hortons. Maybe later.

  9. I am listening this song before 5 years…russ ho gaya amar , kyoki jindagi bhar chalega ye song

  10. This sounds real music to me no fake progranda here

  11. к черту бит и музыку поздравляю ♥️

  12. Am I trippen or was there an original video to this?

  13. How many legends are listening 🎧 this masterpiece after 5 yrs………. reply

  14. Sri Vatsan

    Sri Vatsan

    hace 2 años

    The Beat Drops Harder Than My Dad's Belt.🔥

  15. I remember when this first came out because my sister said this was the only good song that came out at the time

  16. Pov

    You are on top of your boyfriend while he sleeps, the motel sign flashing through the window as you screw the silencer onto the loaded gun in your hand, you run the tip of the gun down his stomach as you lean forward to kiss him, he wakes up not noticing the gun hidden behind your back, he reaches behind you and slowly unhooks your bra, you chuckle sinisterly with a convincing groan of pleasure as you reveal the gun and place it against his forehead, "w- wh- wha- what's this about, ba-baby just calm down and we can talk, o- okay? You chuckle as you cock the gun back, he inhales sharply, as you say "Brittany, Cassandra, Aliyah, Cheryl or Nicole, huh?" He stares at you in shock as he mutters the words, "y/n I can explain" you start to show your frustration as you say "well obviously so which……mistress are you gonna explain about first" you say with a smirk, he grows angry to the amount of knowledge you have on him, he obviously annoyed begins to say something but stops and said "actually fck you, fck this, I'm sick of you and your delusional mind" you raise the gun and you shoot four free shots through the window and says "are these bullets a delusion aswell?, I guess we'll have to do another test run to make sure" as you aggressively press the gun against his head he sighs deeply and says "pull the trigger" you freeze your finger on the trigger, as your eyes prick with water, "y/n pull the trigger don't hesitate just shoot" you are stuck in between the minds of doing it or not…..

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