Russ – Pull The Trigger (Official Video)

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Directed by Edgar Esteves

Song produced by Russ

twitter : @russdiemon @edgarestevess
instagram : @russdiemon @edgaresteves

Special thanks to everyone involved. So many of yall, yall are amazing. Thank you.


  1. 1:59 "If I fall in love again, it's probably with a Saudi chick" this was hard but wrong at the same time. don't do that, she'll break your heart.

  2. It’s been mfing 5yrs but this sht always tryna make me feel that I can kill the avengers

  3. Cmon can you pull the trigga my head lately is fuckk it but I got my wife sooo naw I'm good at the moment with my beat friend but sometimes my mind wonders to my bad side and I fight people at first

  4. Qm tá aqui em pleno 2022 pra relembrar essa música nostálgica de quando nosso FF bombava nos anos de 2018 – 2019 🥲

  5. 2022 still listening this fucking song n iloveit

  6. Só lembro da intro do Robin Wood do minecraft 🥲 bons tempos

  7. WELL MEN DONT WAIT FOR YOUR GFs PULL THAT TRIGGER 😂😂😂 after all it’s your instrument

  8. Maybe you should pull the fucken trigger
    NTH BUT LOVE 💙💙💙
    Hente 🙂

  9. Matei o Playhard
    Deitei o Papakill
    Tudo fraco, clipa aí caralho

  10. Leaving this comment here soo everytime someone likes it i get reminded of this masterpeice🔥

  11. May be you should pull the fucking trigger that girl voice is 🔥🔥 but who??

  12. Who’s still listening to this song in 2022/2023

  13. Bro tf i remembered this song in 2022😂🥲

  14. Song that wantt to make me to kill my lazy self and staight out leave house for action .

    * Typed while being high*

  15. Reportesen los hombres del cultura 🧐🍷♠️

  16. Faz mais assim nessa pegada de Bass seu cachorro de feira. Som top pra caralho viado

  17. First time I heard this song I thought this should be theme of blue whale 😑

  18. I haven't heard this song since like 2015-2016 and i forgot this existed, and now i heard it on tt. I cannot belive, this song is amazaing

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