Robin Williams & Creative Choices: Friendlyjordies Podcast

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:47 – Where’s Ali?
00:04:19 – How Tall is Mislav: The Game
00:07:05 – Forest Hall’s New Single
00:08:29 – Butter or Popcorn Butter
00:09:23 – Jordan’s Taste in Food
00:10:45 – Periodic Creative Choices
00:16:00 – Fat and Lazy is the Default Setting for People
00:18:06 – That Robin Williams Robot Movie the Boys Can’t Remember the Name Of
00:25:13 – Yeeeeeeerp
00:25:43 – Movies Were Better in the 90s
00:26:00 – Back to Mislav’s Height
00:28:47 – Mis back on Twitch
00:31:18 – Cliffhanger
00:34:09 – An Alternate Segment-Free Version of the Friendlyjordies Podcast
00:35:00 – The Movie Name Game
00:40:23 – Do you think it’s Normal that Mislav seems to be more Susceptible to his Environment than a Clown Fish?
00:45:39 – Drinking Something F’d
00:48:55 – What Do You Think Happens When You Die?
01:00:00 – Reincarnation
01:06:03 – Homework for the Audience
01:08:20 – Your Final Mission, Should you Choose to Accept It

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Intro Song: Forest Hall – Interlude ()

Outro song: Forest Hall – Broke Forever feat. Friendlyjordies ()
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  1. For the longest time I never realized that Mislav was his name, and every time I heard it said I thought to myself "Who are they talking about, who the fuck is Miss Love?"

  2. Mislav is 5'11", but if you ask him, he's 6'0

  3. it's probably some driftwood or other plant matter you've added.

  4. If Mis actually has ADHD, yes, dex WOULD probably help

  5. 𝓲 𝓱𝓪𝓿𝓮 𝓼𝓱1𝓽 𝓹𝓻𝓸𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓶𝓼 says:

    the ockblay lad

  6. Send Mislav to a Young Liberals meeting.

  7. I remember watching Bicentennial Man at school in like year 8 (2002- ish)

  8. jordies remove any wood or add a UV filter onto you fish tank set up, to clean up tannens and yellowing

  9. Cant work out how tall Mislav is so I'll have a go at solving death.
    "The body of a newborn baby is as old as the cosmos, the form is new and unique but the materials are 13.7 billion years old" I believe thats a quote from an old youtube video but its what came to mind. Every atom in your body and every bit of energy they use to interact have always been here. the majority of them have been forged into their current form in or around the core of a dying star. Its most likely that many millions or even billions of stars have gone supernova to provide the materials that make you who you are here and now. The key part of that is "here and now" you exist as a permanent part of this universe with an ever changing form. Your body isn't stone, it is a flow of energy and matter that has no more permanence to it than the water in a lake. In fact, every atom that made up you body a decade ago has more than likely left you and been replaced. The you from 10 years ago no longer exists. But the you from today only exists in its current form as a result of the past version of you. If you put the physical aside and look in terms of the energy that makes up your thoughts, memories and personality, the you that existed before reading this long winded comment no longer exists and never will again. But they will also exist forever. Not only as a new arrangement of matter and energy but as an affect on the universe, kind of like a ripple in a pond. If you also consider that time isn't linear in physics, its just perceived that way by us you can also say that they exist eternally as a moment in time.
    What I'm trying to say is your existence is relative to time and space. The you from now can only exist here and now. you have always existed physically and your current form will always exist at this moment in time and have a permanent effect on both your future form and the future form of the universe. Who knows though, given an eternal universe you may pop back into existence in your current form one day. Its not impossible.
    Let me know if you think I'm in the right ball park on this. If not, I'll give Mislavs height another go.

  10. Bro…… iRobot was good when I was a kid. BUT I DID WATCH IT LAST WEEK AND IT SLAPS

  11. How did you guys fill up an hour of talking but not actually say anything?

  12. Building beautifully on the pod would be amazing

  13. Your next podcast MUST talk about Paul Keating: the legend. Ali knows about why we shouldn't have nuclear powered submarines. According to PJK, for the price of 8 AUKUS subs, we could have 45 Collins type subs. We have no reason to be in the South China Sea (China's Torres Strait) or the East China Sea (China's Bass Strait), and we will avoid war with China if we stay the heck out of where we don't need to be. Keating for PM!!

  14. My house mate just went to put a subwoofer in his 2001 Toyota camry, do you think he is 'fully sik' @jordanshanks

  15. Send Mislav to a hardstyle festival or a Kerser concert

  16. Forrest Friendly would be a good podcast name

  17. Those socks Mislav is wearing is just as bad as Jordan’s jackets.

  18. Never seen so many topics discussed in on pod

  19. ali's gone for two minutes and they start attacking the audience lol

  20. Thanks Mislav for wearing shoes. Jordan put on some socks. It’s gross having your feet out.

  21. love that when Ali's away this turns to into a practical lesson on Chaos theory

  22. Send Mislav to a children's playground and make him review the different "rides".

  23. I mean, I thought this podcast was a good episode. But Mislav liked it WAYYY too much 😂

  24. say what you want about that mislav guy but I for one think he is a very nice young man

  25. Why is Ali so obsessed with censoring the swearing, I don't think it makes any difference whatsoever

  26. I must admit I did not listen to all of this. Life is short and the topics not the substance I generally look for. BUT I rekon keep doing this as the variety is great and it takes all sorts. You are funny and if was in the mood I would have watched more of it. From a comment below that I agree with do a topic on Paul Keating, the legend and maybe Bob Hawke. When on a holiday to the UK my daughter at 9 months took her 1st steps along a 12th C pub wall in Oxford, a favourite of mine when I grew up there, it gets featured on shows like Morse (Im a boomer). IN that pub there are a few notables on boards, Clinton, this is the pub where I did not smoke maruana and Bob Hawke, this is where he got into the Guiness Book Of Records for drinking the fasted yard of ale, we used to hold races at the Sheffield Uni Rag week re the yards of ales and pints, even a pub crawl race with plastic bags in hand for the inevitable vmoit, go boomers.

    Yeah keep doing what you are doing. I dont like the total bias to the ALP but on the other hand at least its authentic, so dont even change that. LNP the S.H.I.T Party. ALP the S.H.I.T. LITE Party. Enough said. Love your stuff, the cast on Dorrigo right up to scratch, thanks.

  27. Sounds like your wood in your fish tank maybe leeching tannins in your water but fish like that. Unless it’s to much nitrates. Would have to see it. Fish nerds assemble

  28. I liked the part where they talked about shapes

  29. The episode has not been released on spotify, now i gotta actually open youtube to watch the pod instead of just using it to watch friendlyjordies non political content

  30. I never realised Ali was the only reason I watched this show until now

  31. 👏Send👏Mislav👏to👏the👏bada👏bing👏in👏kings👏cross👏

  32. stop fucken bleeping the podcast, love you dicks

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