Redneck Deer Huntin’ PC Games

Old PC game from the 90s with Doom like graphics, its a realistic hunting simulator thats part of the Redneck Rampage series starring Leonard.


  1. I played the shit outta this game when I was a kid and most of the time I was able to kill a decent amount of animals but there was a those days where I would not see shit. Seeing this video took me back to the good ole days👍

  2. oh last thing, this game did a lot of stuff that most other hunting games of its time could not or did not do. like as far as walking.. that was a big deal considering most of them tied you to a single spot were you could only "spin around" your view and any walking was done via a map which often had terrible results.. Also this game the animals your hunting LEAVE TRACKS.. whih helps you track your prey but you have to look down for them… some other hunting games only offered "overhead" view of the hunter and not the hunters perspective

  3. it also had amazingly beautiful landscapes and colors for its time lol.. look at the colors of sky

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