QueenBee, You’re Reckless With Your Channel

@queenbee you’re irresponsible and naive


  1. don’t believe anything from the fake science girl 😂

  2. You Big Silly —- Had fun tonight! Good group of so many people here!!

  3. Mander has turned into such a disgusting person. That hooker person sucks. How dare she defend using the F slur. Frig you, Mander.

  4. I’m really happy you are doing well and we love Alicia a lot. I’m glad to see everyone doing OK ❤ see you soon

  5. Marie I was cracking up! I had to think what is a b hole 🤣❤️❤️

  6. I was th. B hole. What was it!🤣 I swear I almost dropped my phone laughing 😂

  7. state of Mander Lynn showing her bug eyes round here after using the f-word!

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