P!NK – Whatever You Want (Official Video)

P!NK’s new album ‘Beautiful Trauma’ featuring the singles “What About Us”, “Whatever You Want” and “Beautiful Trauma” is available now!
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  1. Does anybody know who is a blackhaired woman is in this video (2:29)?

  2. Origins of music unevidenced. Except it is gift to humanity from God the Creator. Music continues in heaven. Music discontinues in hell.
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  3. Absolutely not I never ran across it B4 and it's so good that I purchased a subscription so that I can listen to it on repeat for DayZ!

  4. ამ დროის ერთერთი საუკეთესო

  5. Esta canción majestuosa es tan hermosa! 🤍

  6. It's always darkest before the light ❤️

  7. Time for a new comment on this fabulous song. Pink you never fail to disappoint.

  8. She's a genius, a rock star, extra ordinary, an olympian physically, brilliant, rich… but what she has personally is what she wants its enough for her..her kids and husband.

  9. Love your beauty in and out, your aura just shines thru no questions asked, your music is so inspiringly wonderful. Would love to see you in Australia, again… Although I couldn't make it to your last concert here as I suffer from a rare bipolar disorder and rather bad anxiety, especially around crouds of people. But in saying that I would so love to see your magickal and glorious show too. Blessed Be, stay well and cool and wonderful 😊 xox

  10. What I want is Moneu powet and authority to end their foolishness

  11. I now realize i had completely misunderstood the meaning of this song before, the real meaning is far more beautiful 💘

  12. That's right; You have hardened my heart to stone with your behavior. My only prayer is for vengeance.

  13. Трансерфинг Реальности. Zeland says:

  14. Happy 43rd Birthday to P!nk. ❤️🎉🎊🥳 09/08/2022

  15. J ai vraiment adoré cette chanson jusqu'à ce que je traduise les paroles en français.
    Depuis je ne peux plus l écouter tellement les paroles sont fades / adolescentes…..

  16. totally underrated, this song needs like 1zillion more clicks!

  17. I LOVE THIS SONG! P!nk expresses so much commitment to her husband and children! 💖

  18. You are such a inspiration to me love your music it gets me bye with what I’m dealing with every day so keep it up 💜😈💜

  19. Instant goosebumps every time I listen to this, beautiful 😍

  20. Oh my god, I forgot about this masterpiece…😳

  21. She's truly amazing a masterpiece such a beautiful soul 💖

  22. One of the best song 👍🏽👍🏽🤍🤍🔥🔥

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