Playing Horrible Fortnite Clones!

These Fortnite clones will win no victory royales.

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  1. Mrbeast why you didn't make more videos on Roblox?

  2. May GOD Bless And Forgive You All. Amen. Hallelujahs.🙏✝️❤️❤️💕🙌😊✝️🙏

  3. Strucid is actually not bad, people don't really hate it it's not bad. It's really good gameplay

  4. Hey mrbeast play roblox more roblox took sience 1989 to make and it makes 230M players a month that means that many people will watch vids atleast 230M so u would make 460K dollars for more vides

  5. Mr beast uploaded a vid 2 years ago call playing Fortnite knock offs and he play ROBLOX and his account name is Jimmy_MBG


  7. wait why the characters dead built like roblox legs

  8. The hell this is roblox not fortninte

  9. after 2 years im still proud that roblox played roblox

  10. I have actually never thought of the fact that the bois would be playing roblox for the first time on the gaming channel and their better than me 😂😂💓

  11. He will have more followers on roblox than roblox

  12. This roblox they need to buy more and play more roblox

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