Paintball Sniper DESTROYING Cheaters – Paintball Wars

This Paintball Sniper starts DESTROYING Paintball Cheaters during the Paintball Wars.

🔴 Watch another Paintball Cheater get ANGRY! 👉

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  1. are you a sniper or water boy…lol

  2. are you a sniper or water boy…lol

  3. When call of duty just isn’t good enough

  4. It’s like being in Ukraine while not being in Ukraine thinking your in Ukraine while not being in Ukraine but feeling like you were in Ukraine

  5. Idiots I use real guns cause they make sure it’s permanent

  6. The Braveheart music tho……lit 😅🙌

  7. Just like Call of Duty, except with a bunch of silly w*nkers with fu*k all better to do than play soldiers with f*ckin stupid paint guns……

  8. How paintball used to be played before it became a Laser Tag clone. Do the 20,000-player whole-weekend events happen anymore?

  9. I've always played sports and am a competitive person. From my experiences paintball and airsoft are a blast in moment but there's always cheaters and that just takes away from the competitiveness and integrity. First time seeing your channel and I applaud your sportsmanship but I've found there's more people not like you than there are, even on my team, and videos like this reinforce why I gave up on this sport. Best of luck amigo

  10. i did 21 years in the Army as a paratrooper and would love to get my old ass out here and do some movement to contact with these

  11. I guess muzzle discipline isn’t a thing in paintball.

  12. You have adults playing a child's game, cheating like children. WTF Grow the fk up, stop pretending you are soldiers. Enlist and maybe make a difference in the world. Otherwise, stay home and play your video war games. Always cheaters in every game, that should tell you something.

  13. "With that beautiful facial"…..okay bro….

  14. How did they miss an entire battalion laying down in the woods lol

  15. i love paintball so much, if i don’t get hit i feel like i’m not playing lol

  16. شكله ما فيه عرب يتابعون مثلي

  17. what kind of mask does the guy on the title picture have

  18. That ref deserves a nut tap for giving u up , shouldn't have ended that way

  19. bro looks like he is in the hunger games

  20. Used to play in the Michigan monster game back in the day. it was fun, but most people cheat. to be honest, I don't blame them. You walk half a mile to get into a fight then get hit right away. Makes for a lot of time back and forth.

  21. the balls to play the bagpipes on a paintballfield…

  22. I swear, no matter the sport, there will ALWAYS be cheaters

  23. I didn’t know that paintball got THIS serious! I miss the days of me and my buddies going to one of their uncle’s farms with our Tippmann Model 98’s!

    We had “designated” multiple “maps” on the farm from speedball to these kind of LARGE scale games…

  24. This look super fun tho alot of open space 💪

  25. come and shoot when the REF is there. what a fool

  26. Any tips because I want to start paintball

  27. Shouldout to the dude playing bagpipes!!

  28. The ref blew your cover, I hate those type of people!

  29. Greg Hastings paintball games are the best

  30. You were definitely hitting those opponents. Because of your distance they weren’t exactly sure if they were hit. Great video

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