Online Game But With Real Humans As Characters !!

An expert gamer creates Kable, an avatar of a human being that must cheat death in the world of gaming. However, in order to survive and find his freedom, he strives to fight the deadliest battles.
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  1. In a 14 minute recap video of a single movie I feel like I've just watched 4 different movies. This thing is all over the place

  2. That villain is super creepy especially at 11:33. The actor did a good job.

  3. Was waiting for Terry's awesome dance moves on "Making my way Downtown"🔥

  4. Is Evelyn Parker from Cyberpunk 2077 modeled after Angie because they are so similar?

  5. Don't most people already see through their eyes without technology?

  6. this is gonna be real with cyborgs in a future and then terminator saga will begin

  7. What is this Warbox, Tarkov, Operator, Battlefield 1, 5, 2042, Payday 2, Bloodtrail, Deppart Prototype, Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Hexane Ragdoll Physics is this

  8. Ginas mouth as big as a planet… jesus christ, her mouth as huge as a Blue Whales mouth.

  9. A family trip down the road 🛣️… Sounds good

  10. I love this movie!! It's one of my favorites.I love it when Terry Crews starts saying, " I ain't got no strings. No, no strings on me". That's really creepy. And hearing it coming from Terry makes it even all the better. Especially since he's just a big teddy bear in real life!

  11. Is it just me or does Castle look like MatPat

  12. This was such an underrated movie especially for its time.

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  14. Joeseppi beat you to it, but still great video.

  15. The 2nd game is basiclly the same as the prototype VR headset that has what is basiclly a C-4 on the top.

  16. Is it me or does ken castle look like aged matpat


  18. Releasing murderers back into society because they proved to be an excellent murderer sounds like giving a dog a treat because it ate all your other pets.

  19. The kid didn’t seem like he was a spoiled brat. It seemed like he cared about Kable and genuinely wanted to stop Castle.

  20. Saw this movie in theaters! It was awesome!

  21. Honestly pretty good one of a kind movie I did enjoy despite the low budget the effects were pretty cool.

  22. I can never forgeat as scene from the gamer movie where the hero orders vodka bottle and then pees into the cars petrol tank, starts the car and escape the prison. That's f*ing gangster !

  23. Ludacris gerald butler terry crew how the f did i miss this lol

  24. Imagine that you are an janitor in an battlefield of an fps game: 2:01

  25. bro ngl this isn't the best summary of this movie

  26. I would develop a game like this, but for an online story mode at a live tournament event, the fate of the universe is in your hands. Many players will join but only a few will survive.

    Like sword art online, but more deadlier and even more intense.

  27. This is what the anti vax nuts think vaccines does 😂

  28. All of the anti vaxxers will use this video as proof that vaccines are bad

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