Online Game But With Real Humans As Characters !!

An expert gamer creates Kable, an avatar of a human being that must cheat death in the world of gaming. However, in order to survive and find his freedom, he strives to fight the deadliest battles.
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  1. Yeah, this isn't where Facebook's Meta is headed at all, is it?

  2. So we got Terry Crews, Leonitus, and Dexter in a film together?

  3. humanz brothers, is this tupac's new music production group after he faked his death?

  4. This is what meta is trying to do in real life

  5. 1:45 wait what malaysia to? Why do they put in every single country

  6. What's crazy is truly for the right price most humans will be controlled… And MOST will def give into being controlled for "the right price"

  7. Of course he saves the day.He's a "Law Abiding Citizen".

  8. And then at the end of the movie, the obese man gets off the game and goes to McDonald's, ending this crisis.

  9. Holy fuck this movie sucks, how did they get so much budget to hire these actors

  10. Dude they literally did this IRL

  11. Bruh imagine you are the character in game while the one controlling you was a noob 😆

  12. Jesus,this looks good. I’d never heard of it until now. Even though I know what’s up, I’m thinking of watching it tomorrow anyway. I want to hear some dialogue. ❤

  13. "Move over fortnite" Bro the narrartor is top notch comedian.

  14. On YouTube there ought to be a option of general comment and personal message.

  15. Bro you had me so intrigued into this movie!!! It was short and sweet and to the point!

  16. I like how 2 Brooklyn Nine Nine characters are in this movie

  17. Oh wow, GTA 5 but Japanese fake 🙂

  18. That one dude: "I thought slavers was kinda fu-"
    Kable: shoots him dead

  19. Aaaaaa since slayer happens outdoors when the death row inmates get free that means that lots of death row inmates are free

  20. I feel old for getting that Lemmings reference

  21. Young man was a true gamer, kudos to him for standing for whats right

  22. Are you really gonna recap a shit movie like this why just why?

  23. Another shitty movie made great by Adam and Mystery Recapped! Grazie

  24. I remember I thought of something similar when I was younger, except instead of controlling people for a game, I was playing "Jaws Unleashed" and my thought was "am I controlling a real shark?"

  25. this is
    good idea
    bad idea
    deadly idea
    stupid idea
    smart idea
    its every thing its a good consept

  26. ayo ter bear and mandelin wuntch from the death

  27. ayo ter bear and mandelin wuntch from the death

  28. Me immediately thinking Simon is cables kid

  29. It's funny how the world turned their back on Castle after realizing his plan and supported the inhuman games he created 😂😂😂.

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