Oculus Quest 2 Top 5 FPS / Shooter Games for New Users – 2022 Edition

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Today i do a top 5 VR Shooter / FPS Games on the oculus quest 2 for 2022.

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  1. Population one already sells for money now?

  2. remove these german comments they are viruses

  3. Thanks for this video, will definitely check out that Left for Dead looking game. Going to get my Quest 2 in a couple of days so this video will help with me getting into the vr fps feel.


  5. the existence of fps games i vr suggest the existence of 3rd person shooters in vr. Where are they?

  6. I got an oculus week last week, gunraiders is just full of kids

  7. What about Pavlov? It’s free and I think it’s just as good as contractors in its own way.

  8. i bet if onward was a bit more updated, it would be here too, great vid nonetheless!

  9. I thought you were supposed to list all the really good fps games. Have you never heard of Pavlov or onward ridiculous

  10. I love pop one….. But as far as Quest…. Contractors is the best VR shooter….. Even on the community alone….. And COD mods

  11. Onward should be on the list. Some kids playing the game can ruin the fun since they don't know how to play objective

  12. I been playing contractors for 3 months now and it my choice of drug I love it so addictive!!!

  13. After the fall is trash for the price it's selling there is so much better options

  14. I've tried many vr fps games like onward, medal of honour and even war dust, but pavlov shack is the best for me. It's not too simple, but it's not too complicated. The guns have the benefit of being reloaded realistically without being too complicated to use. It has the cool maps and tanks + it's free

  15. can you play any of these on meta quest 2?

  16. I have bought and played many shooters for my Quest 2, but have also had to return many. I actually only kept Zero Caliber, Phantom, Pavlov, After The Fall, RE4, Compound, Shock Troops, Drop Dead, Crisis Brigade 2, Operation Warcade, Robo Recall, Battle Sisters, Ark-Ade, Bionic Hunter, Pistol Whip and those Espire Games.
    Unfortunately, I always got sick with Bonelab and MoH, Superhot, Gun Club and The Walking Dead bored me too much. I found Contractors quite good, but I found more players with Pavlov, although I kept that. I still really liked Hyper Dash. Stride and Gun Raiders, on the other hand, I found too imprecise.
    Never tried Population One because its Battle Royale.

  17. Why Sontag these games come up on the store ?

  18. What’s the difference between contracters and onward?

  19. Pavlov is definitely number 1 on my list when it comes to gameplay they just need to upgrade the modes to be able to coop everything an leaderboards need to be added as well as friends

  20. Is it just me or I feel like breachers should have been on there in my opinion. No hate.

    Sorry i didn’t know

  21. Contractors is the dumbest one on the list….your dead in 2 sec of the start of the game

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