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Here you go guys. The latest installment in the FNAF tape remake videos. I hope you guys enjoy my spin on it. My goal is to make these videos both iconic and familiar. Let me know your thoughts. Shoutout to @AquantaFilms for their help in graphics.

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Spring Bonnie | Mr.Joshie :

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  1. Man am going back to the Krusty carb worker tutorial

  2. Mam, isso é uma oba dr arte, simplesmente, lindo e maravilhoso! Impecável e bonito, a coisa mais linda que já vi como todas, isso simplesmente tá Super e SUPER bonito e assustador, amo seu estilo de animação, é simplesmente bonito@

  3. At 0:56 we see an animatronic saying which sounds like happy birthday song and also we hear another happy birthday song in the background that means there's a another animatronic this is called companion call also there's a voice saying "there's a fire detected in the building all personal get out immediately (or i thought what that said) [THE END OF THEORY OR I MEAN GAME THEORY]

  4. Its a squimpus grimpus remake i can assume…. Btw very nice work specially on models and many other things

  5. if you listen closely at fredbear head you can hear them saying "i bit someone"

  6. I don't exist, how would I comment on a video that doesn't exist?

  7. I'm curious on what animated cartoon might look like, if Battington does it

  8. Bro do you know how weird this is when you’re actual name is Michael

  9. When y k así sea la película de fnaf :0

  10. Who else the the head under the sprinlock one before they got it ready to put on

  11. When fredbear said he bit someone he was actuallysings welcome to fredbears family dinner tonight~so yeah

  12. All I can remember is that in the end Bonnie was like “And I got stuck in the washing machine!”

  13. Every breath you take Every mistake that you make says:

    is it just me being a psychopathy or fiber freddy really just looks cute

  14. "make sure not to brush up against the springlocks too much"
    gravity: i'm about to ruin this mans WHOLE career.

  15. Idk Why do you just took a game and made it more scarier

  16. The bathroom scene with the fiberglass suit is actually terrifying

  17. 3:43 did anyone else see that head in the shadow of the table!!!????

  18. Original was by @Squimpus McGrimpus if anyone wants to check it out!

  19. I can't type in your name or say your🩸🗡️🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸

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