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Here you go guys. The latest installment in the FNAF tape remake videos. I hope you guys enjoy my spin on it. My goal is to make these videos both iconic and familiar. Let me know your thoughts. Shoutout to @AquantaFilms for their help in graphics.

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  1. 0:56 was henry emily 1:25 fiber glass freedy 3:14 exosleton 4:02 springlock failure 3:58 william in a bunny bon costume 6:58 puppet 7:42 8:16 night marion. thats all the characters if you probaly didnt know.

  2. 4:33 is the most scariest thing I have ever seen
    Also the ending somehow reduced me to tears

  3. Nah bro I thought I was sleeping peacefully tonight 😭

  4. No the name fredbear the dancer and Bonnie bun the Ohio looker 🇵🇷😎

  5. The only thing that makes it creepy it the animatronics

  6. bro can we just talk abt the kid in 3:45 this is gonna give me nightmares-

  7. Everyone:*saing how the springlock suit scare him*
    Me:why this video is called "nonexistent" video but i can whact it?????

  8. the crawling skeleton clip genuinely makes me sick to my stomach

  9. The first time I watched this
    My heart dropped to my damn toes then started doing backflips
    And it still does

  10. It’s ok I didn’t need to sleep tonight anyway.

  11. Who was talking to Michael in the video? The Puppet?

  12. Nobody is talking about how bonnie is talking about being stuck in a washing machine at the end?

  13. this almost seemed real, keep up the good work.

  14. most regular incidents happening in ohio:

  15. 0:58 this is legit one of the scariest things I've ever seen. Ever since I've seen this video, this fragment pops up when I think about the concept "scary". My most sincere congratulations

  16. Cj & micah Campos (The stepbro mechanics) says:

    I remember when coryxkenshin watched this

  17. @markiplier
    analog horror pt 2?? (maybe spicifically with fnaf incorporated?)

  18. Is that what i think it is? Why it is! Its shit and piss making its way down my pants

  19. I would love to know what's the music in the springlock explanation

  20. Micheal: "Noo tommy" Billy: "ew theres a boogie"

  21. A person need to make a watching this: UH WHAT HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?!

  22. 3:46 now we can have a look at the eyes hole, or whatever it is, As you can see that it has blood that came from a person, i think i will not sleep tn 💀

  23. Wait, I’m confused on who is talking to Michael on the recording, is it Henry Emily or Charlotte Emily?

  24. this was actually amazing. i dont even have words to explain how well put together this was. impressive work!

  25. 6:22 me waiting for murder drones Episode 3 came out be like

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