NERF WAR! Playing the NEW Nerf: Legends Battle Simulation Game

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  1. β€œYou mast play kingdom and castles!”
    Sun Tzu, the art of knowing which game to play.

  2. Do tabs tornament bew factions do it vote

  3. Damn, so inaccurate, the darts don't fly off in every direction except the one you're aiming

  4. Did you know the burst fire nerf gun in real life only has 3 shots and it isn't semiautomatic or 3 round burst

  5. It's umm… "Heavily inspired" by apex legends in multiplayer.

  6. Another one of those channel that is dying

  7. Not the best showing of the game, baron rarely seems that comfortable playing FPS titles, but it looks good. Decent movement, good number of map mechanics, and an incentive to go fast as possible on your killstreaks without penalising players who are kinda slow on the whole movement and puzzle solving too much.

  8. That pistol he has genuinely hurts in real life. It has a motor that is louder than a Chromebook just trying to turn on

  9. Baron can you play BTD 6 THAT GAMES IS A LOT OF FUN!!!!!!

  10. Not what I was expecting at all…. Like …. What on earth does your brain do…

    Please…. Tell me…. Why not at all

  11. Can you imagine Baron playing Warzone lol.

  12. Baron: Calls A FAMAS triple burst shorgun
    Me, a cod and krunker addict: VISIBLE ANGER

  13. This guy has the situational awareness of a dorito.

  14. Stunningmean987 TechnoGamingProductions says:

    Nerf Lord says… I accept your challenge

  15. If they're making the Bulldog a 3rd burst and making the Ultra 2 a break action revolver, I can expect them to make the Jolt a belt fed full auto sniper while shooting shotgun rounds

  16. Just play battlefield 2042 and use anything but the bizon

  17. I saw an add for this a while ago and couldn't remember the name so this is very helpful.

  18. Watching this man try to make the clunkiest FPS game ever made look fun and worth the asking price is more entertaining than actually playing it.

  19. Odd that this guy can have such a fantastic time with a game that absolutely everyone else has found to be utter crud. Seems legit…

  20. TRying find some more fps for my switch, i been looking at this and debating about getting it. Its a shame not more fps on the console.

  21. The siege castle gives me Skylander vibes

  22. Finally got to download the game. Thanks black friday!

  23. Is there Multiplayer? Ha well there must be the game would not lie to me now would it …

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