My Friendly Neighborhood – KIDS GAME NOT MEANT FOR KIDS

My Friendly Neighborhood is a new upcoming horror game not too far off from if the Muppets were trying to kill you… yeah

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Jesus said to love one another and that we should be servants to each other, so I would ask that you all do that in the comment section. Be respectful. We are a community. That means more to me than anything. Thank you.


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  1. The first guy reminded me of ed from ed edd and eddy

  2. Me and too gups hahahahah omg that part is so funny

  3. Is it just me or does that one girl puppet sound like Cristina Vee

  4. Coryyyyy can you play this again please!?!

  5. Love the fact that Cory says “hello?? Gun tricks??”

  6. The reason it starts you on a later time into because it’s still in progress. Btw

  7. When Cory gets his hair braided 🔥 fire flame

  8. I hope he keeps going with Poppy Playtime

  9. Cory I wanna see you play this game when it fully releases I think it's going to be a interesting gameplay 😁😁

  10. Cory I like your videos! Am your biggest fan❤

  11. Muppet: Sometimes we will swap our arms!
    Cory: Like right now?!

  12. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀💀

  13. I'm 8 years old and I'm a kid who watches all of your videos you're videos and I don't care if I watch this one I will never be scared

  14. "You can put any type of condiment on your toothbrush I use WoRCheSTeR SaUCE" Wise words

  15. Who cut out the best part of the video?😒

  16. Gordon: "ugh, no getting up that way. . ."

    Me: ". . . Dude, just take your shows and socks off, all slides can be scaled."

  17. I wasn't able to do it in the right video but it was the one where you played bon bon and my irrational fear used to be water(had aquaphobia before)but I got over it growing up

  18. Bro when he said “eat up in the sheets” I was like 🤨😏

  19. This is so much like resident evil the inventory system the door opening and the tape is like burning

  20. did you not hear him say worcheirseschtier sauce?

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