MORE Mario Games on Scratch

Today I’ll be delving back into the world of Mario Scratch Games!

There are tons of Mario games on Scratch, and despite most being quite basic, there are some that are actually quite interesting, with a few really pushing Scratch to the limits.

The games featured in this video can be found here:

This video discusses Scratch fan games such as Super Mario Maker 3, Super Mario 2D Adventure, Seashine Island and more!

Music credits:

Toad’s Factory 8-Bit Remix by @TaterTotTunes
Bubblaine 8-Bit Remix by @branflakes325
Other background music from various official Mario games by Nintendo.


  1. no, benjaminwins11 cant add stuff to his mario maker games, they hit the scratch limit (yes that exists) and cannot be remixed or added to.

  2. fun fact: Benjaminwins would make a sequel to Super Mario Maker 4 but the game reached the scratch file limit

  3. Is there a koopas revenge (i don't like that game)

  4. super mario bros z i thing was a show before a scratch game and the show had its own game

  5. Maybe us scratchers will one day figure out how to make a proper walk cycle lol

  6. super mario scratch gams are soooo cool!!!!!!

  7. Super Mario for Scratch might be one of the best.

  8. After mario maker 3, the same person made mario maker 4 and mario maker 5

  9. So nice to see people still making stuff on Scratch these days! I made a remix of Paper Minecraft called Paper Mariocraft back in the day. It's wonderful to see such creativity from people still going strong!

  10. You mario maker fangame on scratch be as mike maker

  11. Hey, I’m making a Mario game on scratch and the demo is planning to come out around MAR10 day.

  12. Benjamin also made a kirby maker, and a full port of smb 3

  13. you need to talk about the scralxy team games in the next video!

  14. I played super mario maker 3. I did not know a 4 exsisted

  15. Hey, so a couple things I wanted to point out if you ever happen to make another episode to this: There is a truly mind-blowingly high quality game releasing soon by a user called NIghtcat28, the game is called Super Mario Revolution. I myself am also developing a pretty decent fangame called Super Luigi Galaxy that just had the first demo released.

  16. Great video! I'd love to see this for other franchises, you know: Sonic games on Scratch, Kirby games on Scratch, MegaMan games on Scratch… heck, I'm wondering if there are any Mother games on Scratch.

  17. Just realized you had a youtube channel lolYeah some fangames on Scratch can be bad but some are good.

  18. the thumbnail game was made by @Griffpatch

  19. Hey Toadfan! I was thinking if you could do Kirby games next I know good ones like Kirby Fruit Catch!

  20. fr it’s crazy how people make such incredible and high quality games and animations on scratch

  21. I made a Mario fan game called Mr.Plungerman and he didn’t play it 😢😢😢

  22. I’ve played it before and believe me, as a Mario maker fan, this is everything I have ever wanted

  23. i love this series so much because its not just games made by little kids, but actually good games

  24. Hey, Toadfan! I have a question about Super Mario Scralaxy. Gonna be long though, so get ready. At the beginning of the game, in one of the areas, you see 5 overall-wearing characters. 3 of which we know, 2 of which we don't. We know Luigi, we know Wario, we know Waluigi. We don't know the white and brown(?) ones. Telling by how they look, though, I assume the white one is your idea of a third Mario bro while the brown(?) one is your idea fo a third Wario bro? I don't really know.

  25. As someone who struggled and toiled through Lunar Magic making mediocre SMW as a young 11 year old back in the late 00's, this brings me such good memories 🥲🥲Too bad it was such a bitch to work with, if I grew up with Scratch instead I'd prolly still be making levels!

  26. I'm wondering how did you get mario maker 4 in the full screen like wide screen full screen

  27. scratch mario maker: just drage your mouse and vwalaa! real mario maker: copy and paste mario editor: PLACE EVERY TILE BY HAND AND THEASE ARE TILES SO THEY DONT STICK TOGETHER HAVE FUN!

  28. I just have to say that Super Mario Maker 4 is pretty much .. everything we need❤

  29. yo im chadsmom from scratch, i deleted my account last year after 4 years on scratch

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