MORE Mario Games on Scratch

Today I’ll be delving back into the world of Mario Scratch Games!

There are tons of Mario games on Scratch, and despite most being quite basic, there are some that are actually quite interesting, with a few really pushing Scratch to the limits.

The games featured in this video can be found here:

This video discusses Scratch fan games such as Super Mario Maker 3, Super Mario 2D Adventure, Seashine Island and more!

Music credits:

Toad’s Factory 8-Bit Remix by @TaterTotTunes
Bubblaine 8-Bit Remix by @branflakes325
Other background music from various official Mario games by Nintendo.


  1. People make these, while I struggle to make a basic platformer.

  2. It's so impressive what Scratch users can do with such a beginner friendly software, it's nuts.

  3. Me and my friend made Mario game in scratch my game is called Mariu 2 and his is called super junk Bros or stupid junk bros I don't know what it's called😅

  4. Paper Mario 1-12 are really good
    They were made back in 2011 and they have an interconnected story and 12 has different power ups

  5. If you didn’t know mario maker 4 by the banjemen guy is almost at the CODE LIMT

  6. In the description of Mario maker 4, it has a link to level codes people have uploaded. There are so many uploaded every day. I love the game, it genuinely feels official. Awesome video man.

  7. These games are really well made on scratch! I'm currently making a version of a game called Super Mario Screluxe by, -ThatCrownedKing- and its pretty good!

  8. tbh when will scratch add widescreen
    and before anyone asks yes it will be thanos cat 2.0 and it ill reveal dev secrets so get the borders ready

  9. these games need way more attention holy moly

  10. in the smw game they not goomba its galoomba

  11. Ever since you made the first video, I always want to do the showcase super Mario maker 4

  12. I played the super Mario maker game on scratch and its AWSOME. The level I made didn't save though-

  13. I legit use turbowarp to make all of my games.

  14. Bruh Nintendo made Super Mario Sunshine but not Super Mario Moonlight i hope any modder or hacker or fan made game maker make 1

  15. So weird how you say Super Mario Zed and not Super Mario Zee

  16. I used to love listening to the Super Paper Mario soundtrack on Scratch. Funny thing is, I didn't realize there was even a sequel to Thousand-Year Door. I thought it was fan music.

  17. Scratch has a similar vibe to flash, a lot of nostalgia playing AND making games

  18. I made a game that is called Sonic Dungeons if you ever do a video about Sonic games. (It’s just called Sonic Dungeons, it’s the featured project on the DoubleMode profile.)

  19. Thank you so much for showcasing my games! I really appreciate it! I am still working on 2D Adventure, but it is taking a while since I have a lot of ideas I am trying to implement and I want to ensure that each level is unique and memorable. I am a big fan of your work and you were a huge inspiration for me early on Scratch. Again, thank you!

  20. The only thing I could make out of scratch is a piano and a jump scare.

  21. You should look at Mario Spinoffs for this! Like Mario Kart and Wario fangames!

  22. The first game I tried to make was a super mario land game that was somewhat basic there were no boss and no screen moving but enimes. Flagpole and the classic power ups. I never finished it and erased it 😭
    (This was back in 2016)

  23. I LOVE Mario maker 3/4 i have made some levels😅

  24. Weird video to see while I’m literally making one… stop watching me YouTube

  25. it's great to see quality scratch projects getting showcased! keep up the great work, also nice editing :p

    btw mario490's mario games are also awesome experiences, especially the most recent ones! you should mention those if you ever make another video about scratch mario games

  26. Love seeing creators like this get recognition. If you do a part 3, could you include a project that i made? Its called super mario island. It took me 6 months to make.

  27. I love all these games :). I used to be a part of the Mario community on scratch. Made the games for years(mario490). Maker 4 is honestly one ot the most amazing projects I've seen for scratch.

  28. Brad games is the best Mario scratch developer.

  29. No way he made a mario maker on scratch better than nintendo did

  30. Does anybody know how to make a save code because I’m trying to do levels and world building in super Mario maker 4 and I can’t figure it Please help.

  31. These games look pretty cool! I remember playing one where you control a Bullet Bill and you have to avoid hitting walls! 😁😁😁

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