Modern OPS Official Trailer


  1. Game have several problems and look like primitive program.

  2. Сделайте цены по ниже хотябы!!! Будте человеком

  3. I am really confused about the situation. May be you can explain me the reason that I am banned because I am killing people through the wall. 
    I paid a lot of money and bought also a lot of Apple Cards to have saucess at these Game. I have all the receipts for the transactions. 
    So I would be nice if you could give me a correct explanation about the situation.i was banned for that i didn't know what it is.i was banned because killing other player's thought the Wall?what is this please?i spent a lot of money in Modern Ops and i love to play it and want continue.please help me to have back my account.i have all the Apple E-Mails from the pack's i bought.i am Not a hacker or a cheater please trust ID is 59330403 and GaZzA is my nickname
    Best regards

  4. ЭЙ Я хочу чтобы я был VIP игрок

  5. Я хочу чтобы вы добавили обновление

  6. Хочу Добавь Хочу чтобы добавили новый режим убить президента

  7. Is it possible to reset profile so I can start afresh?

  8. Você é a melhor Edkon Games 😍⭐⭐⭐⭐🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆(๑♡⌓♡๑)

  9. Игра топ спс разработчикам

  10. ဆော့လို့ကောင်းတဲ့ဂိမ်းgood game

  11. Que merda de vídeo de apresentação..não mostra nada

  12. สิทธิชัย แซ่อื้อ says:


  13. It is suggested that all your games can be registered by email, which can attract many Chinese players.

  14. Dear, On the day of the date I was banned for making a legal move on the RADAR map. The map update brings a BUG. It was located in the police base, the automatic fire located players in B, and it began to shoot killing two bots of the opposing team, then the game was left. When I enter again my weapons do no damage. Sample video attached.

    I await a prompt response please as I am a very active user in the game.

    ID 22419507
    Nick: 6mP
    Clan: [BYД]

  15. Давронбек Абдурахмонов says:

    Кто знают вот ети фрагменты есть их на что нибудь можно использовать?

  16. I am Russian and I like your game!!!! she's top!!!!!!! я русский

  17. Хочу открыть много золотых кейсов за золото)) подарите плиз)
    ID 90838419

  18. @Edkon games do you need a community manager Or may I Make a discord server for Modern ops

  19. Comecei a jogar, e simplesmente amei.
    Mas infelizmente eu só não tenho condições pra poder comprar nada 😔

  20. Модерн ооопссс топпп

  21. 2jajztoarks
    Qossj de 222🤠ejjdhdrid, aksidhxjdhseshshsjw8edmx

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