Meet the Pyro

The masked arsonist known only as “Pyro” has always been the most unknowable of the Team Fortress mercenaries. Until now. Today the mask comes off. Metaphorically. That’s right: It’s time to Meet the Pyro.

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  1. I like the occasional intentional "typo" in the captions

    "He's not here is she?"

  2. Watching this and then going into the game and joining a conga line as an insane killer is absolutely hilarious

  3. Pyro's a maniac outside but in the inside he's a baby


    “ hes not here, is “ SHE?”

  5. Pyro is the most terrifying thing in the entire game

  6. “one shudders to imagine what inhuman thoughts lie behind that maks. what dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?”

  7. When flamingo joins an roleplay sever be like😂😂

  8. I love how the people who are scared of him are on his own team.

  9. If only pyro could set fire to the environment temporarily

  10. Pyro is not killing his team his team is red. And he fight's the blue one not red

  11. Pyro lore is more terrifying than fnaf lore

  12. Pyro’s mind candy land and baby
    Blu What he’s seen that changed his life insanity to enemies eternal pain and unimaginable things the other class characters see within that mask

  13. I play tf2 and I would 100% choose this chaotic flame miracle freak

  14. I think the whole "Pyrovision" phenomenon makes it more scary

  15. Name: Pyro
    Team: Red
    Intrests: fire
    Type: Cute But deadly in sight.
    Vision: cute.

  16. Also I hate that there are fat baby versions of them with vings

  17. poor pyro dosent know hes doing manslaughter he thinks its just a happy funny and cute world hes in and making it fun

  18. If pyro fixes his goggles and vision Everyone would probably tell him his 29T Killstreak/Body count but he probably wont understand cuz he lived in a world theres only babys and candy and hes tryna help

  19. This video goes to show that Pyro is different from the other mercenaries, He is either gone completely insane, Or is horrified by the real world and imagens himself in Pyroland, His own personal space where he doesn't view the real world, That or he genuinely likes fire and how it looks.

  20. soo it seems the heavy va is the same guy with mk shao kahn va

  21. Poor Heavy, he just doesn't want to be a burned turkey.0:16

  22. Look for the helpers. Mr. Rogers would always say
    Always nice to help.

  23. The fact the heavy of his own team said pyro scares him

  24. Good intentions, just overshadowed by a couple of wires missing in the head

  25. what people see when i play pyro:OMG GUYS LOOK ITS A UNSKILLED PLAYER
    what i see when playing pyro:

  26. When you realize in the game if you don't have pyro's gogles on,that means he/she probable enjoyes killing

  27. This whole short is so iconic, but how come more people don’t talk about how good 2:04 is??

  28. Well this is depressing thinking pyro helps but he actually is murdering countless numbers by the second… 🙁

  29. Pyro is schizophrenic
    Credit to my friend who said it

  30. i get the this is very unlikely true but, i want you all to imagine: pyro has figured out what’s going on. there’s no way the world he’s seeing could possibly hurt him, however every day he feels like he’s being shot, and when that happens enough times he goes to this same room called “respawn”. he can’t leave whatever “activity” he’s doing. this being his only source of entertainment. he’s figured it out. he knows. he knows he’s hurting people. he knows he’s in a war. H E K N O W S W H A T H E I S D O I N G…

  31. Pyros vision: Sees him refitting a present and blowing some bubbles on it!

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