This is Super Mario 64 but as a first-person shooter. I love it.
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#yub #mario #funny


  1. did you know that actually mario in super mario 64 supposed to have a gun?

  2. Hi, I am a man and I made it come here Sissy😊

  3. 1:15 And thats how you know somebody plays a lot of shooting games..

  4. In 3:20 somewhere he did not grab the blue coin from the chain chomp lol

  5. game name now, i wanna destroy bowser with a bazooka

  6. this is the most popular video on this channel

  7. POV: you see a furry dancing in your way

  8. Wut is clip and thx for??? Idk if I’m supposed to have this kind of control over the vid😂😂😂

  9. “Luigi! Mario’s using the shotgun again!”

  10. POV: you have a TikTok dancer on top of you're condo.

  11. the guns work underwater guys don't worry
    YuB 2021

  12. Mario fr got those guns straight out of a movie

  13. Me: I guess I can't reload
    My apex brain:WHY WONT IT RELOAD

  14. THIS VERY VIDEO introduced me to the channel. I would love to see more of this.

  15. yub said "oh did just groundpound maybe thats how im supposed to jump on them" yet he never tryed

  16. what song is at 11:30 of the video me and my kid like it and wana know pleas!

  17. My first impression of you. 🤨 ur weird 😅

  18. If you’re gonna be gay, a boy created

  19. This is a classic to me in my opinion cause this was the first YUB vid I saw

  20. Саша аношин Live game на русском языке says:

    Bro what the hell you doing

  21. Саша аношин Live game на русском языке says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa my lags

  22. YuB: I LOVE THIS GAME ❤❤❤

    YuB later: THIS GAME IS HARD!!!

  23. The fact he forgot to ground pound on the stone guys

  24. If you play beat saber and you play I wanna be a machine yub sounds just like the voice

  25. in words of yub: the gun works underwater guys, dont worry

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