Madden 23 Face of the Franchise – Part 1 – The Beginning

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  1. Are you going to play ghostbusters spirits unleashed

  2. waiiit how is madden 23 out already??? also R.I.P. F1

  3. “she got a fatty” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  4. I knew he was going to say she has a fatty

  5. "I think you can be a QB"
    Like you've been able to since the original Face of the Franchise?

  6. 6:54 “She got a fatty” lmao I died when I heard that 😂😂😂

  7. I'm from the UK and I absolutely love madden games fantastic videos my friend

  8. Nobody wanna comment on the falcons and lions score😂 52-0

  9. Cant wait for “F1 Manager 2022: The Beginning” 👀

  10. Which you would've tried another position, but great video anyways, as usual.

  11. your character looks like the rooster from 22 jump street …Love it!

  12. Indiana woot woot 🙌 that's where I live 🤙🏽😉

  13. Vikings fan Trev I'm from Minnesota and I hate the Vikings haha I've always been a Cowboy's fan

  14. RIP John madden. I’m excited for this year for madden

  15. it would've been funny if you made Dirk Dingers a multi sport athlete

  16. these games somehow still look like they came out 10 years ago

  17. Feels like they took a page out of codemasters F1 game with the Madden Activity’s in Face of the franchise

  18. Bro I’ve been playing for 30 minuets 5 times error :/

  19. im over hear working while having this video up, and all i hear is “she gotta phatty” lol

  20. Hell Yeah TmarTn2 u picked a great team to go to my home team

  21. Hey Trevor, you also might like Mutant Football League.

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