Madden 23 Face of the Franchise – Part 1 – The Beginning

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  1. i was dying laughin when he said " thick thighs save lives" at 1:59

  2. I have never had more respect for you then after finding out that you like the Vikings

  3. You have to work on not letting them sack you

  4. So they make you start in your 5th year? That's makes no sense they guy must have sucked or something lmao and you have to rebuild his status

  5. Run the ball more. Mix it up. Bros going for bombs on 1 and 10. Lol, it’s obvious he doesn’t know to much about football, just the basics. But mix it up more.

  6. That’s why Luck retired
    That offensive line is like is
    Like playing against pop Warner 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. So dumb why it starts 5 years in your career I want to go to college

  8. Didn't like the Camera Angle. I picked the Colts also. Played Bills first also. How do you fix Camera Angle. LIke it how it is in Ultimate.

  9. Can you please help because I don’t like where when I throw the ball it stays on the QBs is there anyway to fix that😢


  11. You are already one of my favorite channels now

  12. It’s crazy cause my madden player names is Omar Sosa on madden 22 an 21 an 20 😂😂😂😂

  13. POV: your a Steelers fan and he chose the colts over the steelers 👁👄👁

  14. colts are not good you should of picked the vikings

  15. Omg he slaughtered his players he gave him a bucket

  16. Madden is getting better and better not worse and worse also if you don't play story mode then it's even better

  17. the skip college part in the new game franchise, my cousin went straight to the nfl

  18. i’m the 99 club in the new game franchise, i’m interscope, my cousin got epic records, my nfl stats switch to boxing 🥊

  19. chad ochocinco is in the beginning chapter of franchise mode in the new game, selling tampa

  20. I’m with the colts right now closing in on my last season . Lol

  21. Were you able to change the camera ever?

  22. Tried ro make my self a franchise LB after 1 game the game decided that I was a qb at least thats the skill tree I could upgrade whilst playing as a LB..

  23. does anyone know how to change the camera view to normal?? i hate this new one

  24. Someone pls help. So I’m a wide receiver but my upgrades says qb? And I don’t want to be a wb

  25. Playing this right now I'm a WR for Dallas cowboys and my number is 7

  26. I have over 200 receiving yards try to beat that in one game

  27. The problem with this sport is there's too much going on. Keep it simple.

  28. I always play qb. I guess I'm a control freak.

  29. I didn't like the default camera angle at first but when I played more games I got use to it.

  30. Hate how it sims almost the entire game. At least let me have the option to watch the ai play the game and not just sim. Glad I never bought this Madden and only tried free on gamepass

  31. "She got a fatty." KILLED me bro lol 😂

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