M.A.M.E. Arcade Gun Games A to Z – Hyperspin Arcade

Xbox AtoZ:


  1. dude can you send the download link for that pack?

  2. many thanx for your efforts in creating this video. but i wonder why you put playstation and action max games in it as the headline say: mame arcade gun games… it's misleading.

  3. Would you be willing to share your light gun games theme?  Thanks

  4. do you know what full screen is ?

    its when you put the game in full screen so ppl can actually see

    do you know what see is ?

    on your face you have what is know as ….. EYES.

    its two round balls that permit you to see

    understand ?

  5. Hi friend what versión. You use ??iam the 0.185 and the not works the guns,but in the 0.141 works fines but many roms not works…regards…

  6. Puedes poner el link de la página, no lo encuentro, gracias!!!

  7. Great work. Any luck with terminator: salvation; hod 4 or 5; time crisis 4 or 5; or any other newer arcade Lightgun games?

  8. Do you use Raspberry Pi or another for play this games?.

  9. A lot of those game like mad dog and crime patrol and etc….are not working on mame….you need to play other ports of it.

  10. Are the die hard games light gun shooters?

  11. This is good but share the build next time

  12. I have one of these and I love it, has all the Light gun games in MAME version and PCSX2 and every game from past consoles installed on the PC Tower. The only Lightgun games I didnt find was HOTD Scarlet Dawn, Police 24/7 or Police 911, Target Terror, Silent Scope PCSX2 or Xbox versions but love this PC could play only with an AIMTrak Lightgun not Sinden at the moment.

  13. laughs I was going to bitch at you for not putting the names on :> Then you got to where you started to name them, the intro confused me hehe :> been going through mame games and finding ones I either never played, or never got to beat :>

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