Longest Dunk Wins

Slippery Stairs and a GIANT catapult!?! Today’s battle gets WILD! Thanks to Basketball Arena for sponsoring this video! Download for free here: *Basketball Arena is now hosting a $50k Win Streak Event that ends on March 12th!*

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Music by CaiNo: “Best Ever”
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“Best Ever”
Performed by CaiNo
Courtesy of Black Toast Music, LLC
Written by Marcus Cohen and Scott Horton
©2020 Black Toast Music (BMI) / Burnt Toast Music (ASCAP)
Bonus points if you’re still reading this!
Comment: How well would you do on the slippery stairs!?

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  1. Did they really use the net Cody cut in the backround


  3. You should create a channel with all the bloopers, say: dude imperfect

  4. Friday night and Friday is Sunday at thanksgiving at the north park at north shore on sept and will have it tomorrow for sure sure what you are planning for today is it tomorrow afternoon from thanksgiving time too thanks 😊 thanks

  5. I was at the 2022 Dallas live event at American Airlines center

  6. I’ve probably watched this vid 1000000 time now

  7. Cory should make a different channel called dude imperfect and post all of his fails and blunders. I will delete this comment if it's too rude.

  8. Ty actually got a 12 not a 15 on one of the rounds and I did the calculations and Cory got 1st not Ty

  9. yes I do still thinking that they can still do it

  10. Make sure to subscribe to do trick shot king

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