Let’s Stream Parasite Eve (I’ve never played it) 01

Bad dates, smooth beats, and mitochondria



  1. Surprised no one brought it up in this stream, maybe someone did in a later one, but that program on Klamp's computer isn't even a science program, that's just fucking Photoshop.

  2. 1:27:00 I've always loved this conversation where they're like "oh damn if we're fighting someone with psychic powers you better go ask the guy in the armory for a better gun," like they got one with silver bullets in stock for situations like these or something. Gotta get the official NYPD anti-psychic loadout.

  3. Always thought it was wierd that the gun you're given at the station is the A1 variant of the M16. The US hasn't used that gun since the Vietnam War, we were using the A2-4 from the 80s up until about halfway in my deployment where we switched to the M4 Carbine due to the M16 being deemed too long of a rifle for the area of engagement we'd normally be in.
    And now a German company make our next standard issue service rifle, it's sad.

  4. 2:09:35 "Remember, Aya Brea Brea, good police work always ends up looking like incalculably callous brutality under even casual investigation. Keep that lip zipped."

  5. “One day they’re all gonna pay” is gold

  6. So as Chipcheezum will attest, this game was basically made to test out the new game engine that would run Final Fantasy VIII, and was forged from a Japanese biological horror novel and scraps left on FFVII's cutting room floor.

    FFVII was originally going to be eldritch horror with a detective noir backdrop in contemporary New York City, with a female protagonist. Parasite Eve continues to get cameos even into the modern day. Lightning in Dissidia 012 gets Aya's outfit from The 3rd Birthday, and in FFVII Remake, there's a billboard in the announcement trailer that features Aya.

    Yoko Shimomura's credits can be found everywhere. She did the soundtrack for Street Fighter II (which means the memetic Guile theme is accredited to her), Super Mario RPG, and Final Fantasy XV, among others.

  7. Really looking forward to watching this LP, pretty much my only experiences with Parasite Eve have been watching speedruns, and reading a walkthrough as a kid. Seemed interesting, just never bother to actually play it. Thanks VB and Chip, for doing what I never bothered to!

  8. jfc your Ed Wynn is perfect

    You gotta try pushing start or select on the "world" map (I can't remember which button)

  9. i'm sorry WHAT?! VoidBurger is a fellow Staten Islander?!

    Always nice to hear of another one from the Borough all movies about NYC likes to pretend doesnt exist.

  10. People like to compare Third Birthday to Other M, but TB is so, so, much worse.

  11. I think you would enjoy the sequel as well! Even more so.

  12. Clearly you can't drop the club, it's part of Aya Brea Brea's fashion. It goes with everything, even her fancy dress. It's a Louis Baton.

  13. It's always Me-tochondira, never You-tochondria.

  14. The scream the clown lets out is just known as "Insane Screaming Male Tantrum", and it's from the Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library, Premiere Edition 13. You can find it on Youtube, along with basically every other stock sound effect you have ever recognized in that library, but they'll be named nondescript things rather than just "WIlhelm Scream" or "Howie Scream", which were colloquially named after movie characters.

  15. why is every first mutation "multiple fire laser beams"

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