Leaked Arizona Department of Corrections prison videos show brutal assaults, security failures

The ABC15 Investigators have obtained a pair of leaked videos that show prisoners brutally assaulting officers in separate attacks that highlight continued safety and security failures inside Arizona prisons. Union officials said the recent assaults happened at different prisons but involve the same security issue: custody overrides. An “override” is when an inmate’s security level is lowered or raised outside of their normal classification. Please use caution when viewing this story.

More on what the videos show:


  1. He was probably a disrespectful prick who learned a valuable lesson

  2. So its safe to assume if they are attacking guards like this as a prisoner you have zero protection ..

  3. there are risks as a jail guard, conditions so bad

  4. I'ma quit after I get slammed like that and ain't get no back up😢😢

  5. Cowards can't fight one on one. Gotta be 3 on 1.. Cowards! Typical short stumpy vato's lol

  6. Shot callers.yall do be treating Mexicans bad just cause u yhink they weak

  7. Unless you have an escape plan after, assaulting a guard is an insanely stupid idea

  8. Some of them never going home so they don't care what you so you going to have some type medieval punishment

  9. The staff are halfass criminals …these inmates should be composted

  10. The prison set that guard up..ain't know they should have took that long before back up showed up to defend that man and protect him the guards set that up that's why that happened in that other guard

  11. What did the CO do wrong? Inmates typically respect the CO.

  12. Sadly, it had to be leaked for the public to know. Now how do you expect the other staff to be dedicated to their jobs knowing that they are on their own because of the poor management. Great courage and respect to those who continue to serve. I heard of a really bad one (they are all bad) in Chino California where the inmates faked a fight so that when the officer responded they grabbed his arms while the third one stabbed him in the chest many times.

  13. 🤣we are in control🤣 no, ya know why nobody helped the first guy? They were watching the cameras waiting for 10 to 1 odds to show up. Shaking like skeletons in old cartoons. He's lucky? I can see what you're trying to say but honestly those were poofy inmates to keep taking breaks and rotating shifts without really doing any real damage. Especially for the time they had. Officials covering up their own guys getting the tar beat outta them might be a red flag, that guy needs a better job or a union rep😂. Why wasn't there kazoo and slide whistle music tracked in? Thank god those prisoners have enough integrity to help raise awareness of the systemic neglect and abuse of authority going on in their home. If they deliberately cut corners like this, imagine the quality of life for the prisoners. The secretaries farthest from the action probably have a lot more to worry about than they think. How the hell do they even keep the doors closed around there?

  14. Hey Youtube why can i watch this without a blur? And childmolesters that get what they deserve do get blurred?

  15. The goon squad was supposed too rush in with body armor shield and baton’s that’s crazy neither happened

  16. Who in charge of this jail. , fire him
    Who’ the Governor
    Fire his ass also
    One officer in this pod is unbelievable ,
    The. Warden was at the golf course the
    Governor in the Bahamas , fire there
    Asses ,

  17. That’s America for ya. Lock em up and don’t think about em and that makes everything okau

  18. Why are you still there? Yeah just wait around why not

  19. I'd rather just wanna get RID of this people. Waste of PEOPLE TAX MONEY!!!!

  20. Dose he not have a gun on him have they not learned to let the officers have guns especially in there 😢

  21. Lol. Sorry but I been on the opposite end of it with COs beating on me

  22. I can tell you right now, this beating didnt happen for no reason. Cops are scandalous, and they fk with inmates. Hey, gettum boys! Fk a c.o

  23. We need more good men like sheriff Joe Arpaio over seeing these prisoners

  24. This seems to me like fellow guards set another guard up🤷🏿‍♂️

  25. Why is all these violent attacks black people?

  26. Я 😂 ржу не могу, ох и тюрьмы у них!

  27. One of the smartest co's I ever met told me his most important self defence tool in prison was his mouth and attitude towards convicts he claimed the officers that treated inmates like human beings (just simple things like asking them how there day was going enquiring if there family was well etc.)and didn't make their lives any more miserable than they already were living then 99% of inmates reciprocated that attitude and in some cases even looked out for him he said the officers that treated inmates like animals and had aggressive attitudes and superiority complexes were the ones who constantly having to watch their backs

  28. Government structure burocracy and incompetence

  29. Fuk no i would of quit tf they could have easily killed him 😭😞

  30. They get free meal everyday inside the prison jail for commiting crime & still doin crime…what the point of having them alive in prison ..

  31. Singapore, china &middle east they dont have this because most of them are 6 feet under…USA need to change

  32. Let me tell u all something prison gards are so disrespectful he probably did something or said something wrong and got what he got

  33. Treat them like animal's there gonna act like animal's

  34. That CO ain’t innocent. I can tell you that

  35. the government needs to starts dispatching thes criminals . Im tired of paying taxas to feed and house thm

  36. This is a mother good reason, why those in law enforcement need to learn how to defend themselves

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