jschlatt ruins our gameshow

jschlatt, Emiru, ConnorEatsPants, Maya Higa, and Esfand do a gameshow. Schlatt ruins it.

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  1. I’m not sure what to say about the fact I was in the car with my parents lol I just came home and got my old one and then went back and went and saw that it is a big deal lol lol I’m glad I didn’t see you guys too but I’m not sure what to say but I’m just going on a big one thing with the other one lol I just came back to the room lol I got the money back and then the guy came in lol

  2. Esfand: “Emiru’s chest is cursed.”

    Men: “That is a risk I am willing to take.”

  3. okay but he's a really bomb singer nil

  4. 3:07 was that scripted or did he actually stumble?
    11:30 ok but when did she get the gun from the contestants and keep it hidden? that's kinda impressive ngl

  5. yeah slick won this show hands down. maiden just sitting on him and standing on him got me jelly

  6. Video in a nutshell
    Esfand physically forces young girl to ask weird people questions
    And schlatt almost kills himself then drinks literal shit

  7. I actually didn't know Schlatt could alter his boice that much. Or sing.

  8. I had fun rewatching this until the predator appeard. yuck.

  9. The dude he kissed on the forehead at the start was so disappointed he didn't get it on the lips

  10. That was the sickest shit ever I'm so happy to witness the evolution of content creation

  11. Emiru looking like a sexy asian Gamorra from Gotg

  12. Even the medieval recognize Jordan's greatness

  13. Connor just randomly gains points, so of course he is winning.

  14. Seeing Schlatt on the verge of reenacting the events of 1999 puts a tear in my eye, good to know the good old big guy isnt completely gone!

  15. I believe you misspelled “made it better!”

  16. “ I pick 25 because I cheated and I know there is something sitting in there”

  17. How the HELL did maya not get the bubble riddle, that was so obvious.

  18. Wait no Sclatt was right. Tetris sold 520million copies, minecraft only sold 238

  19. the tickle- schlatt proceeds to die horribly

  20. The Tickler just wanted to cheer up the sad goblin and everyone misunderstood him…

  21. noe of them look happy to be there lmao this is hard to watch

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