Journey of the Prairie King – Stardew Valley Guide

Within Stardew Valley sits two brutally hard arcade games: Journey of the Prairie King, and Junimo Kart. Today we’re taking on the first of the two!

Journey of the Prairie King is available at the beginning of the game, and the rewards for beating it are an achievement (not in-game) and an arcade cabinet to put wherever you want! In addition, beating it without taking a hit gives you yet another achievement!

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  1. I'd buy that game if I could. I beat it twice and (almost) no hit the second run.
    Edit: The nuke also doesn't drop any item. Death also adds some time to the timer. Speed upgrade will help in the forest as mushrooms go extremely fast.

  2. if you didn’t know when you have the gravestone you can run into enemies (it’ll kill them)if you need to clear out an area

  3. Doing deathless run:
    1) Beat the regular game and get Arcade send to your home.
    2) Wait for a Lucky day (Fortune Teller)
    3) On lucky days, try to beat levels without dying, grab coins and Upgrades (Ammo & Gun upgrades are the best ones.)
    4) After making progress, exit the Arcade and go to bed. This will save your "progress" on your deathless run.
    5) Final boss can be easily cheesed with Sheriff Badge. Shops sell these for 10 coins, your last chance of buying this power-up is 3-3. I recommend you save your progress at the final boss, so you can quickly restart if you fail. This worked for me, and this should work for you too.

  4. I like the implication that the evil necromancer also has a gun

  5. I wish I knew all of these things before I went in as a young child oblivious to the hell that I will soon see

  6. Huh, yeah nah nah no absolutely not. This is why I'm not gonna try to do 100%

  7. just. just go to the lower left corner and shoot diagonally. for some odd reason the enemy pathfinding makes them walk right into your line of fire

  8. Rapid fire for final boss is basically needed for a deathless run.

  9. An easy way to beat Fector is to just stand at the top and just right or left of Fector's fire where you can still hit him. From here don't move and he won't fire all over the place as far as I can tell. When the enemies he spawns get close to you shoot them diagonally and revert back to firing at Fector, never moving. Simple.

  10. Woa you got so much luck. I never get this amount of money and lives. Especially with the final boss. When I get there, he keeps shooting me, and with you he was just chilling. lol

  11. I always lose all of my lives to the first two boss stages lmao

  12. spoiled one of the secret achievements in the first 20 seconds of the video oof

  13. Idk what's happening but none of the buttons I press work, I can only run without shooting 😭 but like, I bought this game on a really good sale and also I love the fishing (and Shane) so idc if this tiny part of the best game I have ever played doesn't work UuU

  14. Fun fact: if you search "journey of a prairie king" on google, you find the song and the video that shows up is this.

  15. I got all the gears I can do this without cheeseing it

  16. For the deathless run, you can save progress by leaving the game and going to sleep. If you die, you can just reset, and you won't have died.

  17. This run was freaking lucky. Getting three extra lives in the first level is very rare.

  18. Deathless run:
    1. Get the key to the town using qi gems on ginger island or earn the arcade game to put in your house so you can start a run at 6:00am-6:30am.
    2. Only do one level at a time and leave the game after moving to the next map. The game will save your progress as long as you move maps after the level.
    3. If you get less than 10 coins in any level exit the game and restart the day of the actual game stardew valley and try again. Your progress will reset to the last level you got to before.
    3. If you die, restart the day and try again. It will no longer remember your death.
    4. Same progression of upgrades but by ensuring you get 10 coins per level or more you should have enough for better. Just make sure you end with two gun speed and two power upgrades.
    5. Make sure you enter the final boss level with either the sheriff power up or the machine gun power up and just start firing down without moving using the power up to kill the final boss before he changes up his attacks. He will die if you have the power ups and the 4 upgrades.

    You might have to retry levels up to 5 times a level for the coins but the whole thing shouldn't take longer than 2-3 hours.

  19. Still camt belive i won my game with Abagail on my first try. Dont tell me I cant lose.

  20. I have a ancient computer so I play on my TERRIBLE switch and I can only shoot left. Can't play untill wheel D:

  21. You can cheese 1-3 by standing in one of the corners of the barricade.
    The enemies won't be able to path to you, since they'll keep pushing each other to the side, so none can slip through the gap.
    There will only rarely be some that get through and you should be able to deal with them easily, just by shooting at the opposite corner, diagonally across.
    Just wait until no more spawn in, and then shoot out of one gap, until the path is clear to either get an item, or to clean up the rest of the enemies.

  22. me when i die irl: uh oh
    salmence when he loses 1 of 12 lives in journey of the prairie king in stardew valley: sudden brain cancer

  23. i managed to get to the boss in a deathless run, but then died three times, havent touched the game since ;-;

  24. So stupid they put this inside the saloon so you gotta wait till noon to even try your saved level. Bad game design they shouldn't of made this a trophy/achievment.

  25. I've always been bad at twin-stick shooters. Can you just do mine for me please?

  26. this game fucking sucks im deleting my steam account i cant take it anymore

  27. I have no idea how anyone could do this without dying. BUT… Unfortunately, I hate myself by being an achievement runner and completionist. So I'm gonna. Eventually. May take me 20 years but I'm GONNA FRICKIN DO IT.

  28. the only problem im having with the game is that the shoot button is not configurable, if it was it would be 10x easier

  29. I dont wanna play another game in a game for a game achievement

  30. Abigail Thanks You For Your Informative video. She Will Now Beat This Game Whilst Eating Quartz And Amethyst

  31. When you get 8 hearts with Abigail next day you'll enter in peirrs you'll get a cut scenes where Abigail is constantly losing in journey of the prierr king and then you can help her win by playing multiplayer with her, this is probably best cutscene in the game for me.

  32. I was today years old when I learned you could fire at a 45 degree angle in this game wtf

  33. They are goblins, not zombies.
    They are mushrooms, not rocks.

  34. I really wish this stuff wasnt random cuz id prefer to plan and route than play thru and get barely any coins and no lives. Its basically like, well i got like 2 coins on the first state, might as well trash the run
    Other than that its an enjoyable distraction from the base game and i play it when i want to reset my brain

  35. TIL you can shoot diagonally in this game… I was wondering why I couldn't make it past the first two levels.
    Also I thought coins were useless.

  36. I see in The achievement of the game "Defeat journey of The prairie king", i was thinking about like something in the skull cave or something like that, but NOT AT ALL it's just a mini game in the saloon 💀

  37. You: “Demons? Bats? I don’t know if they even have a name.”
    Me: “Oh I’ve called them PLENTY of things.”

  38. After you beat it there’s an option to do a harder journey. I beta that one but it took me about a week. You need some insane coin luck to do it

  39. Beating this normally for the first time wasn't that hard, but ohhh boy deathless?? that's gonna be something

  40. A couple important things that weren't mentioned in the video…

    1. 3:23 The shot power upgrade will also pierce through enemies if it hasn't dealt all of it's damage.

    2. 4:58 The Gravestone also makes enemies avoid you, and makes you invincible so you can just run into enemies to kill them. (while it was mentioned in the video, it was never really used)

    3. 5:20 The nuke is definitely the worst item, any enemy killed by it will not drop any items, making it actively harmful.

    4. 5:39 The timer actually does go back a bit every time you die.

    5. 9:38 Staying in the top left is good on surface level, but it gives you false confidence with butterflies from the corner and makes it harder to collect any dropped items on the stage.

    6. 12:18 Seeing that 5 coin disappear hurt my soul, the upgrades are so massively important, you should get the 5 coins even if you'll lose a life to it. (unless you're going for Fector's challenge)

    (For anyone that may be wondering, I do have Fector's Challenge, and play Journey of the Prairie King very often)

  41. i was struggling so much on the last boss fight just for u to show how easy it is T_T
    I got it right after watching your vid so thank u dear :3

  42. "yeah this stage isn't too hard"

    Me who has never reached the first boss: 🙁

  43. I didnt even know that there where other worlds 😂
    Its a very nice video to watch. Super relaxing. Nice detail that you just play the game soundtrack over it so it keeps playing normal even when you speed up the game footage.

  44. Yeah, Prarie King is a joke. I will never even beat the first level, never mind the whole game deathless. Luckily I don't care about a couple of achievements.

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