JFK: Reloaded – A Simulation of the JFK Assassination

JFK: Reloaded is a “historical simulation” quasi-video game, designed to recreate the John F. Kennedy assassination. It is noted for its controversial subject matter, and was released November 22, 2004 (the 41st anniversary of the event) by Scotland-based Traffic Games. The game’s developers insisted their intentions were to “bring history to life”, and help prove the Warren Commission’s findings.

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  1. I remember people being so offended over this game, reasonably so. But totally missing the point.
    As of today, no one has been able to achieve a complete recreation of the assassination, proving that there is indeed no possible way that LHO acted alone.
    JFK was murdered by the government, plain and simple

  2. Man that Canadian accent was thick back In the day lol

  3. i didn't mean to shoot that vietnamese farmer but- says:

    Imagine 9/11 reloaded

  4. He was also shot from the Front. Game developers are probably the Assaissens.

  5. If U did your research you would know that the 1st shot missed the 2nd shot hit him in the neck and the 3rd hit him in the head.

  6. So sick and twisted that this is even a game. What a sad world..

  7. this game proves nothing. for starters the cartridge is faster in this game than in actual practice.

  8. It's just a computer "simulation". In other words, a video game, and not real life. I was there, and there is no way Oswald made those shots. First off, there were more than 3 shots, from 3 different directions. And they were of different calibers (I could tell by the sounds). The Lone Nut believers ignore any evidence that does not fit their narrative. The Warren Report is fiction.

  9. If you can't play as the CIA, then this game is inaccurate.

  10. The theory of why he didn't take the easy forward shot was because of the multiple shooter choke point shooters on all sides.

  11. I remember seeing this game on the news as a wholesome kid and I was like whaaa?

  12. FBI wants to know your location hahahahaha

    12:30 PM, NOV. 22, 1963

  14. Eh, it's not like playing it'll make JFK any deader. Fun game!

  15. 3:48 – That's 354, not 384 (the font the game uses makes it a bit difficult to tell apart the 5s and the 8s).

  16. Strange that they didn't model the crowd. I would love to have seen the umbrella man there and the babushka lady.

  17. After reading all the comments, I'm really bothered by how few people know the facts that are available – Instead, people seem to be quoting the movie JFK word for word. And an awful lot of that movie is pure fiction, including the existence of some of the important characters in the film. Oliver Stone admitted to as much. And over time, the facts get distorted more and more.

  18. if the game was really realistic you’d be shooting from behind the stockade fence on the grassy knoll

  19. Classic game (in the 2000's I played this on a loop and listened to Cannibal Corpse, edgiest edgelord that ever edged). When you've attempted the assassination enough times you start discovering how hilarious it can be to shoot at the tires or engine. The cars go from slowly cruising to a thousand miles per hour in a split second. 😂

  20. You need to do more research Oswald was a non- qual with a rifle while in the Marines. That means he couldn't hit a stationary target much less than a moving target. Second the Manlicar-Carcano rife is the worst weapon for the job. The Italian Military nic named it " the rifle that never killed anyone" because of it's gross inaccuracy !

  21. Very good, but the kill shot gun was in front, down in the storm drain.

  22. Its said that people think the Kennedy Assassination was/is a " game". Ask JFK' daughter, the Tippet children, and last but not least, the two Oswald girls who were treated badly at school, picked on, spit on, then 50-60 years later the Archives release all the documents that have been hidden from us that now tell us that Oswald, Clay Shaw, Ruby, etc., all were CIA operatives, and that witness testimony says Oswald was getting change from Ms. Reid for the Coca Cola machine. They both heard the shots and she asked him "what was that??" Go to DC and look in the Archives. The Govt is waiting on the rest of the bastards who hid records/testimony/evidence to all die off before they release the final documents.

  23. well the first shot the car the second hit neck then last hit head

  24. since the graphic is very low my potato pc might able to handle it

  25. Dear Mr Drae,
    Taking the Lord's name in vain (Jesus Christ) as you have done in this video, is more dangerous than sitting where JFK was on the day of his death, without confessing your sin. (Depending on your culpability) This is a game. Your eternal life or eternal death through your choice, is not.

  26. Debug mode and shoot from the follow car. 100%. Finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire. No whoopsies lmao

  27. Maybe he started shooting by the sign because there were other gunmen?

  28. Headshot from the knoll. Not so fucking abstract when you're pulling the trigger, eh?

  29. All he wants is a perfect backshot…
    Someone give this guy a perfect backshot!

  30. I fucking hate YouTubers – "Heeeyy whhhhat's up you guys!!!!" Ugh go fuck yourself. Give me a video without you cunts narrating.

  31. This game doesn’t make it true dude. The warren report was so shitty they created the term “conspiracy theorist” to shut thinkers up. You young people need to learn more.

  32. jfk was shot in the head, neck, and then the back

  33. In this game, where there is a headshot, JFK moves forward and also he is turned his head little towards right side. Whereas in reality, JFK turned his head little towards left as he was shot in his throat and most importantly when there is a headshot he goes backwards towards his wife shoulder. It is impossible to replicate this shot from book depositary. And also the "magic bullet" theory is just bullshit.

  34. Dude, stop with all the dramatic affectation. If the details of this event (that everyone has heard/seen/read billions of times for decades*) upset you so much, what the fuck are you doing making a YouTube video about it, let *alone playing the simulation??

    "Oh, I better stop, I think I'm going to get sick to my stomach"

    Holy christ what a phony drama queen. 🙄🙄🙄

  35. You actually believe Oswald could of hit a moving target just because of a video game?

    Let's hope you're never in the jury box deciding another humans fate. 🙄

  36. I've had this game for over 20 years, and whther I use a mouse or trackball, the best score I ever got was in the 200s.

  37. This was an inside job, and I think that should be pretty obvious by now.

  38. I know I shouldn’t say this but aim for the head instead of the back

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