Ja Morant’s TOP PLAYS So Far! | 2022-23 Season

At the quarter mark of the season, take a look at Ja Morant’s top plays of the season so far!

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  1. So explosive. Reminds me a bit of Russell Westbrook as well but with more swag and finesse.

  2. Ja morant is like the most overrated nba baller rn Grizzlies are better off without Ja Morant

  3. NBA please get Ja morant back. Just forgive him 😢

  4. This man has so much.potential and keeps messing up

  5. ภคพร รัตนวชิรินทร์ says:


  6. Actually a prime 2011 Derrick Rose with better vertical and even more explosive and a way better defender. Sky is the limit if he wants to

  7. Dudes only 23 doing all of this ?? Jesus fucking Christ

  8. DAMNNN!!!

    He be catching bodies on and off the court

  9. Ja is fine in the west, east, north, south. it's a parade inside my city yeah. still waiting for them to win know what i am saying

  10. Why this guy acting like a ghetto hoop star? He’s so bloody talented

  11. This is real basketball, 3 point whack ass bitches

  12. J you are OK! Young 3 mil $. We gotta mess up to learn even if dats what happ7 none of us were any where to say. U keep working. Do J WHAT #24.2 WOULD DO KOBE BEAN. FOLLOW HIS BLESSED SOUL . You'll be come humbled. REAL TALK AS IRON MIKE SAYS. U REALLY DID NOTHING WRONG. MAYYBE YOU KNO+W SOMETHING ELSE MATTERS MORE THAN B BALL. JUST SAYING . COME BACK STAY W MEMPHIS OR GEAUX TO NOLA W

  13. These guy is soooo good, he moves like Iverson, but problm is, this type of style can never get NBA champioship..

  14. Ball bouncing is not that big of a deal, it really isn’t.

  15. What if jaylen brown join memphis with morant what do you think ? 🤔

  16. Ja Morant is sure to be the next superstar

  17. He went from being the next role model to someone who you shouldn't be. True colors show up eventually.

  18. Almost ja😂😂 most overrated player ever…..overrated player…psyhopat…..yes im hater

  19. has the potential to be a great but his childish mindset needs to change

  20. Bro had potential to be one of the best players of all time. A legend…

  21. So when are the grizzles going to get sick of Morant and trade him to the Lakers LOL! Or he demands a trade, we all waiting

  22. Fav player. I believe he’ll get his act together and become the legend that he is

  23. I have just one name for This guy : "the prototype"…

  24. Y'all keep comparing him to people that honestly ain't even close to his entire package. It's comical, are y'all serious. Dude is on another level, I ain't watched nobody do all that. Sorry haters.

  25. Next thing you going to now is he is going to try and dunk on the Greek freak

  26. And then it all fell apart after this video… now he is the most hated player I’ve ever seen, and people equate him to Aaron Hernandez

  27. You can see Ja was pushed down at 6:32. I sometimes wonder if he gets so tired of getting slammed to the floor & needs a vacation that he decides to post himself with a gun. He can't ask for time off the job like you and me, so whatever he can do to get some time off…hmmm.

  28. It’s so sad to see that Morant did bad decisions before this and is now suspended for 25 games before he rejoins soon I just want to see Good Ja Morant making good decisions and being a good man 😞 Because these highlights are so cool 🙁

  29. I have seen way better plays by Morant last season. the thing is every game he makes at least one great move. it is a pity that they dont make a real highlights video that shows his best plays.

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