Is the clock running out for Trey Lance & 49ers? FT. Jordan Elliott

Talking all things 49ers QBs with NinersNation Staff Writer Jordan Elliott


  1. Trey needs to play. First year he sat, last year was injured. He needs to prove that he can win. Brock earned respect by winning. Only one year of college isn't a lot either.

  2. We in win now mode just not win the Superbowl mode smh

  3. The “we’re in win now mode” fans are hilarious. We started 3-4 and 3-5 with Jimmy the last two years and they LOVE that man 😂😂

  4. Purdy proved himself…..Lance hasn't been impressive at all

  5. Jordan, Kyle said Trey played in the most pro style offense, under center play action, could pass from the pocket but also mobile and could move in the pocket, escape pressure, scramble, extend plays; he never said that meant Trey was the most pro ready and could start year 1. There's a big difference. That's why they kept Jimmy and basically red shirted Trey year 1. And nobody – not me, not you, not the 49ers, not the fans, not anyone – knows what the 49ers record in 2022 would have been if Trey had played all 17 games with the same playbook that Jimmy & Brock played with, except for maybe a few but not many designed quarterback runs and quite a few more more deep ball play calls.

  6. @graham_SFN you didn't happen to work at a trade show company in Fremont… did you?

  7. My dudes!! 🙌🏻 going to be a good show. Much love boys…

  8. Yes. NFL is a win now league or you are out. Just ask any GM or coach. Just ask Steve Wilks, Lovie Smith, David Culley one and done coaches.

  9. It is a process to greatness and part of that process has an ugly stage! When you skip the process you can surely get a win, but often it’s unsustainable!

    49ers started this Lynch and Kyle era trying to skip the process in spots that turned around and bit them in big ways! Now the 49ers still try to cut corners and it continues to bite them under this regime!

    The only justification is a SB win and the way things are playing out, teams are catching up to the 9ers!

    The NFC is not as wide open as people think and to beat the AFC you need a talent at QB to beat Talent at QB.

    Allen, Herbert, Mahomes, Burrow, Hurts and even Lawrence are definitely talents and I sorry but i don’t see that with Purdy.

    Regardless of what the roster looks like outside of QB!

  10. I believe 2 things are true…Trey AND Brock’s sample size are both too small to know anything with certainty.

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