Intercepting Random Airliners in Flight Simulator Multiplayer

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Intercepting Random Airliners in Flight Simulator Multiplayer
In this video, I fly an F-18 fighter jet across Los Angeles and New York in search of random planes to intercept! Watch to the end to see their reactions and other funny moments…

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  1. 804.
    Heres another one of them being a380s lol😂

  2. wow never heard of the boing a380 wow nice plane

  3. How real can this game get? 🤯
    Thats why the title said IN Flight Simulator

  4. Whenever the plane says “GEN” that means it’s a AI generated plane. They won’t react to you.

  5. I like the airplane logo on your merch but I’m surprised u never write international travel on any

  6. did he just call the airbus a380 a boeing a380…

  7. I can confirm the first interception was protocol

  8. So , other than the jet and it being in multiplayer, are you using any special add ons or features etc? What do I need to do this on my msfsx ? I have the jet

  9. Can we get a rip for the a380 at the start that he said wasn't a real plane

  10. Crazy how in this game i can crash into my house

  11. the new A310 sucks ass i did not like it at all though the A320 NEO is great and love it

  12. When playing online, microsoft flight simulator uses livestreamed ATC data to simulate real time air traffic conditions. Only online players might react to you buzzing them. The real pilots flying in real life dont know that youre there in a simulator checking them out.

    It would be pretty F'ing cool if augmented reality and VR tech could be introduced into Microsoft flight simulator for spectator's to go outside and watch people flying around in the sky on the simulator or if they are on a flight and are bored. Something like this could be a feature. Though i dont recommend using it while driving lol

    If people on a flight next to a window use augmented reality or VR to observe Microsoft flight sim data, it would be cool if the game would advertise an interest of entertainment or for some action as an observer and players could take the challenge and get feedback from the observers perspective and it would be a good time for both people.

  13. “It’s sort of like an A380” me/all other aviation enthusiasts:WHAT THE FU- IS WRONG WITH YOU

  14. too bad he didn't eject when he ran out of fuel.

  15. Do this on an F-22 raptor next, that would be interesting

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