In Space with Markiplier: Part 1

Good to see you again, Captain!
Put Out the Fire ►
Fix Life Support ►


  1. time lord dalton and normal brianna GC says:

    2:22 your time core? the vortex manipulator? Does that make you travel through Time And Space?

  2. It looks like a movie!

  3. Ok there is not a chance people still watch this!

  4. I just noticed Matt Patt from game theory at 4:30! Pfttt nice one.

  5. Kurgesagt is actually the voice on the ship!

  6. ★𝙋𝙪𝙧𝙥𝙡𝙚 𝙨𝙠𝙞𝙚𝙨♥︎ says:

    MATT MY LOVE‼️‼️

  7. I cannot be the only one who saw matpat

  8. Does anyone ever watch videos that Markiplier uploaded many years ago when he was younger? I remember this man playing Unfair Mario 9 far back and the video said it was nine years ago so back then he was like 24

  9. The earth is actually FLAT. NASA is owned by the ILLUMINATI, with ACTORS aka PROFESSIONAL LIARS, pretending to be astroNOTS. NASA even has its own RELIGION/church. You can look that up. Planets DO NOT exist, just as space DOES NOT exist. It is all CGI/GREEN SCREENS/PHOTOSHOP. We live in an ENCLOSED environment that the CREATOR YaHU'aH made. The sun and moon are both LOCAL, and right here moving around on a circuit like the hands of a clock, and the stars are like a map, all keeping track of the hours, months, days and yrs. The SATANIC ELITISTS named their "days" and "months" from PAGAN IDOLS, as well as their "planets". They have the entire world keeping THEIR traditions, worshipping ha'SATAN/DEMONS, and THEIR IDOLS.

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  11. Idk why but I googled the true ending

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  13. Guy's I'm Indian ..
    Have a good day..
    All guys your father stay healthy forever 😘

  14. Me hearing the sound of kurgsgezast in a markplier video: THE COLLAB IS HERE

  15. You can give me money markiplier my son had a club foot and the 4 hour trips and surgery have really taken all of my money so if you're really generous you'd hook me up and I'll prove to you I'm not lying in anyway about it

  16. This engineer fella seems like a nice, reasonable guy with great self preservation instincts

  17. This has an actual potential to be played in the cinema

  18. CONGRATULATIONS on the Emmy Nomination for this!

  19. Congratulations on your Emmy Nomination for this! 🙂

  20. Well now we can say "Emmy Nominated In Space with Markiplier" 😂

  21. “Well maybe I will” made me laugh so hard good job mark


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