Welcome to Learn To Fly 3! Learn To Fly 3 is a classic game where you upgrade a penguin with different technology to launch him to space!

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Learn To Fly 3 Game Overview:

Build your spaceship from scratch, earn funds and invest them into building a bigger, better spaceship as you try and fly your way up to space!

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Learn To Fly 3 Gameplay Features:

Build crazy spaceships from a combination of over 100 unique parts, each with their own distinct flavor and mechanics
Halfway between realistic physics and a simpler arcade feel for an easy to learn yet deep experience
Pick from 24 stages, 18 launchers, 24 boosts and 23 bodies, and each can be upgraded multiple times
Research upgrades that affect all sorts of different aspects of the game and carry through play sessions
Over 80 in-game achievements, each with their unique rewards
Customizable HUD with all sorts of relevant information
Customizable character and ship color
Customizable music
Every playthrough unlocks new items and bonuses for you to work with

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Download Learn To Fly 3:

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  1. I’d love this game. Penguins are no. 1 animal in my opinion

  2. What name if this game and can you get on ipad

  3. The game is learn to fly 3 but the description below says its kerbal space program. So youtube made a mistake there

  4. This was only just
    Made like one second ago
    i have never seen one just after it was made

  5. Bliz I have a question we’re do you get your money?

    Edit in the game

  6. What is this game called someone please tell me

  7. It's look like a rocket without the nuclear juice and boom boom

  8. imagine not having notfications on and being late

  9. F in chat for penguin radiation poising will kill him soon

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