I Played FAKE Fortnite Rip-Offs…

I Played FAKE Fortnite Rip-Offs…

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  1. Bros in his bag on bootleg fortnite 😂

  2. Crazy games is every american kid born around 2006's child hood

  3. “We got fortnite at home” Fortnite at home:

  4. Piece control letsgoo in “fake” fn

  5. I use a few of thies for aim training tbh

  6. 1v1 lol has the og Fortnite guns and map that’s crazy 😮

  7. i trying to play it and it not letting me build??/

  8. ive played all of them fake ones untill i could get the real one

  9. Bro clipping people in Bob the builder

  10. anyone know what the 4th scuffed fortnite is called

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