Hunting Simulator – Oh Deer

Hunting Simulator is a game about hunting, as you’d reasonably expect, so let’s grab a gun, smell some faeces, and kill something cute for no well-explained reason…

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  1. U talk wayy too much! Just play the game.

  2. But… I thought you were those things…

  3. Puns and a suitable offering to Diana. All is well in my world today.

  4. Oh DEER, This is totally un-BEAR-able, Why DOE you do this!

  5. What about those cleaning simulators hmmmm?

  6. Honestly I like the game but I was really agreeing with your opinion on simulators, love the video😀

  7. I now want a game where you have to go grocery shopping, clean the house, make dinner and pick up kids all in a set amount of time.

  8. I wish the comments would stop RABBIT-ing on about the puns…

  9. I want more hunting games, lol..I loved when you did far cry primal

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