Hunting Simulator – Oh Deer

Hunting Simulator is a game about hunting, as you’d reasonably expect, so let’s grab a gun, smell some faeces, and kill something cute for no well-explained reason…

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  1. There’s a big fucking difference between 22 and 243

  2. Dude you don’t have to play it if you disagree with it😂😂 ( I disagree with you and your logic is flawed, but oh well.) Chill out bud😂😂

  3. This is extremely painful to watch I gotta be honest :///

  4. On the title screen…did anyone else see that deer scratch it's ear with it's hind leg

  5. How does Jon know so little about the real world?
    Does the game have a drilling gun in it? Shoot big game, small game and fowl with the same firearm.

    Be wery wery quiet; I'm hunting wabbits

  7. .22LR has a much smaller powder charge than a .223 Remington, which is nearly identical to the standard military cartridge of NATO the 5.56×45 NATO.

  8. Escapism from being a wanker that shoots and kills actual, thinking beings for no reason whatsoever other than you feel you have more power than them?

  9. Honestly hunting in Ark is more fun. Mostly because you are in the middle if not low on the food chain. Also dinosaur burgers

  10. Bacteria in animals' teeth can transmit dangerous diseases… so yes… rabbits are deadly…

  11. It cracked me up when he said those thing are perspective basstatds

  12. You obviously never have been hunting before. Coming from someone who plays video games all day too 😂 id put my money on the deer every time let alone u even lasting an hour in the woods

  13. This dumbass most eat the meat the deer have a good chance and how would a fucking deer kill your family

  14. I don't understand the critisism. It's a simulator. It's exactly what It sounds like. Sure you could "just go hunting", but It's not as easy as just going to the woods with a rifle. It's the same as criticising something like a racing simulator, because you would rather just go to the local karting track or something.

  15. This is exactly what someone would say, if they knew nothing about hunting.

  16. Why the fuck…did I waste 40mins watching weirdo criticizing hunting and know nothing about it. WHAAAA!

  17. no one any where ever holds a gun like that, walk round with it in front of your face blocking half your vision….

  18. If you don’t like it then y are you playing ???

  19. You have clearly never went hunting before or even ever shot a gun clearly… hunting is very difficult especially if you want to hunt for sustenance and not just for sport. You really have no idea. It is not something you just sign up for on a damn class trip.

  20. This Guy is a little dumb you can’t just go hunting and of course you eat the meat

  21. I'm not going to watch your YouTube videos animals more

  22. If you don’t like it just don’t play it. There are many different genres of games apparently this one isn’t for you just because you don’t like it doesn’t mean that other people don’t

  23. Why can't we do this like y'all said 2 years ago eh,?

  24. The west isn’t just America, it’s also a direction, so the Midwest sub alpine is the middle of west of the alps which isn’t as high altitude as the main part of the alps

  25. Why is he complaining that he's killing a "cute" animal when he's playing a hunting game

  26. bruh, if you wanna go hunting, that impacts the enviroment, while this is just a game lmao, calm your tits

  27. Did you really just say chickens can’t fly so you’re saying the wings on them that they have they can’t flap and get off the ground so I called BS

  28. Is hunting right or wrong is a subjective decision. But you seem to thing that it's easy. Comparing it to grocery store simulation. Depending on what you're hunting, hunting can be very difficult. And is not something most people can do. Your critique at the opening was pretty weak mate.

  29. As a chicken owner, yes chickens can fly, just not all that well

  30. As someone who has raised chickens, known people who raised turkeys, and watched them in my local areas… I can indeed confirm that BOTH species can fly, and fly very well when needs arise. All in all, a great video from Jon, though we can see that he's never really been hunting himself xD. (No offense to the great Nerdmaster)

  31. Do you know any hunting game where you can die? Killed by wolfs for example if they are too many

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