How to Play FORTNITE on Your School Chromebook!

Have you ever gotten bored of regular unblocked games, and wanted to try something new? This video teaches you how to play Unblocked Fortnite on your School Computer Chromebook so that you can wipe out tomato town while in school.

List of alternative links:


  1. Thanks! This also works for csgo. Now i can clap some silvers in class😎

  2. scamm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Help please I put my email in and then I forgot I didn't have email in my phone so I downloaded it but the it logged my out of gforce and then when I try again there's always an error

  4. Try was a problem starting your session, please try again. ERROR CODE 0x000001F8. What do I do?

  5. It works but it says can not log in right now log in later

  6. Ay thanks man, the people at my school that knows how to do it, don’t wanna teach a lot of people of how to access Fortnite bc they’re afraid of it to be ban , but come on some of us wanna play Fortnite during school uk 😂

  7. It says that geforce now is still blocked… what do i do?

  8. It says I need a membership, can you help with this?

  9. omg bro thx this worked my ps4 recently heated over and ive been bored out of my mined u deserve my sub thx bro

  10. You know how you clicked that box during 4:25 it doesn’t show it for me pls help

  11. is there anymore links

  12. seriously games like btd and geometry dash cost money and its on there for free.
    pretty surr thats illeagal

  13. None of the links work for me : is no available because it is categorized as security proxy.

  14. Googlemath is blocked is there a another way

  15. I try linking my epic games account to play but it doesn’t work

  16. My friend showed me how to set this up, and I started playing TF2 in math

  17. GeForce is blocked on My computer what do I do

  18. bro this work now im playing fortnite at school much love!!!

  19. you should make a vid about how to unblock roblox next

  20. Also stadia says I don't have permission to use it at my school but I logged into my personal email in Chrome and it works if anyone wants to play stadia games

  21. YOOOOO, this actually worked and I was playin fortnite in science class and so much kids were crowding me. THANKS A LOT!!!

  22. It’s like really slow what should I do

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